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Love Nail Instant Nail Applique Tutorial

It's already July, gosh..felt like i haven't achieved much with my life at all *sigh*, it's been a tough struggle but we can't do anything about it but work harder to get by.
Well, today i am going to share (again) about my favourite instant nail Love Nail Instant Nail Applique from Japan that is now available in all Sasa stores nationwide.

"When it doubt, wear red"- Bill Blass

Previously i thought it was only available on Hishop but apparently they have closed down so i am glad to know that Sasa now has them :-)
Many of you would just suggest, with the price you pay for this Love Nail applique might as well go to the nail saloon & get it done by a professional but what you need to take into account is the time spent travelling to the saloon, petrol & parking headaches.

 And one thing i like doing things on my own because it gives the satisfied feeling of "sense of achievement" especially if the results are better than i expect'em to be. Lol.
Maybe it's my pride talking here :-P
But since this is my 2nd time using Love nail applique, finally got a hang on applying it properly compared to my previous review for their French manicure Design, subtle & natural looking suitable for all kinds of occasion,

Love nail has so many beautiful designs that i just want them all, especially their official Sanrio Melody Rabbit design! The pastel colours and beautiful frilly designs makes me melt though i am not exactly the "kawaii" kind of girl. Time to add them into my wishlist, hopefully i get to review them one day too.
The design i got for myself this time is their "Lady Sexy Leopard", funny thing is red has never been a flattering colour for my skintone but surprisingly their red is different, not sure why but i 
have to say it looks decent on my ugly wrinkly fingers XD 

Love Nail is actually made from 100% real nail varnish strips by the way, with modern technology it's been transformed to fit our active lifestyle. Zero drying time and guaranteed to give you instant  perfect saloon shiny nails.
Trust me, no one like waiting for nail polish to dry especially when there is a few layers needed = =;;
Can't bath, wash hands or do anything for the next 1 hour till it 100% dry, if not it will either chip or get smudged.
Love Nail is priced only at RM49.90 (normal french manicure & single coloured) and RM59.90 for special designed ones like mine or the Sanrio one.

You can get all your nails beautifully done in less than 30 minutes, but take note you might need to prepare a pair of small facial trimming scissors to trim the edges like me as my nail size is rather small compared to standard woman's nails. 
Other than that, nail filer and the stick is provided in the box together with 10 pairs of instant nail applique (total 5 designs).

I added in an extra layer of top coat to make it longer lasting, but this step is not necessary if you rarely do rough housework like me. It's been more than a week and my nail applique is still intact compared to my previous attempt lol, maybe it was because i must have applied them wrongly the last time >.< Glad it lasted this long without any chipping.

Made a simple tutorial video if you guys a lazy to read my previous tutorial here :-P

Visit your nearest Sasa Outlet today to try out Love Nail, trust me you'll love it ;-)
Can finally boast you did your own nails and for once no smudges outside your nails that needs cleaning lol.
More information on Love nail visit: http://love-nail.com
Website: www.sasa.com

Pretty nails for convo this saturday!



  1. That was so pretty Arisa! I love the nail art, polish & sticker as well! but I always use the Sally hansen's one. and the Love Nail Instant Nail Applique you have worn in this post is much cuter and now feeling like to hunt down this baby the next time I drop by at Sasa! ^3^


    1. hehe thanks babe ^^ how's the salley hansen one? Is it good?
      Yea, quite okay design & quality for the price paid as we need a beauty treat once in a while :P


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