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ShiroWaki Hime- 30 secs Underarm Whitening

Looks like you guys really like reading about effective weightloss stuff eh? lolol, well in Malaysia the land of heavenly food i understand how hard it is to keep those waistlines down specially when there is so many temptations.
I'll try to blog more about fitness & health topics near future as i am pretty much an amature and mostly self taught via researches and trials & errors. 
Well, today i am gonna share about armpit whitening and if you happen to be a frequent sleeveless wearer then this topic might be for you.

Back when i was younger, we weren't told about the dangers that came from using shaver on your pits till AFTER we shave'em which it's like as little too late -_-;;
We learnt this the hard way, using normal razors to shave makes your hair grow back thicker and frequent shavings can cause discolouration on your underarms making it look really unpleasent.

I am not asking you to go for laser to remove the dark skin pigmentation or anything, don't be siao ok! Instead i found an alternative solution that actually works, giving you a shade lighter skintone on your darken areas like armpits, elbows or knees within 30 secs.

All thanks to the Japanese again for coming out with such ingenious products for every single problem lol.
This whitening product is called ShiroWaki Hime (White Princess), not exactly bleach and it doesn't burn your skin during the process. Quite easy to use and results are immediate, not sure about it being permanent or not as the whitening is a result of removal of dead skins and other dirt components lingering on your skin.
But i believe using this on the long run might actually lighten the affected area by 1-2 shades before you started, so don't lose hope! :)

There is no saying when & how often you can use it but i guess it is up to the user, you can try once a day or alternate days according to your mood lol. But for more visible results you try using it frequently k?
Size of the ShiroWaki Hime tube might be small but you'll only need to apply a bean size amount for your underarms of any other areas, so one tube (18g) should last you about a month (with frequent usage).

Function of ShiroWaki Hime:
  • Absorbs Dirt with its clay components
  • Peels dead skin with fruit acid extract ingredient
  • Provides white coating with a "make up/ coverage" effect
  • High moisturizing properties with hyaluronic acid & squalene
It's main whitening ingredient is called TITANIUM OXIDE, it's a safe and harmless colouring used in food and cosmetics. Titanium oxide has white colouring and coverage power by high refractive effect basically works like you are putting on foundation on your underarms but those might clog pores hence ShiroWaki is a better alternative with the same coverage effect but safer for your underarms (wouldn't want pimples to grow there!). 

Abit lighter before i started and much smoother after using ShiroWaki Hime whitening cream.

How To Use
  1. Clean the skin before usage
  2. Apply small amount (bean size) over the armpits or affect parts that needs whitening
  3. Spread it evenly and leave it on for 10 secs, followed by gentle massaging for 20 secs (do not rub the cream away by force)
  4. After the 20 secs massage, the cream should slowly start to flake off on it's own like eraser dust residue. Dust it off.

Easily available at your nearest Sasa Store in Klang Valley, this is one of their new products just recently brought in. You can now wear sleeveless clothes with worrying about your dark armpits!
Retail Price: RM59

More details and promotions for the latest stuff they bring in, follow sasa Malaysia on facebook!
Also don't forget to check out their massive sale catalogue for the month of July-August, sale up to 70% off: Sasa Mega Sale



  1. Great post. I love reading about Asian products as we don't get them here and it's sometimes difficult to figure out what is what on their websites. Do you know what the lightening ingredient is in this product?

    1. Hi Tendai,
      Thanks for dropping by! :) I totally agree with you on that, that's why i am glad when Sasa brought them into Malaysia there was a translation for it.
      The whitening ingredient used is called titanium oxide :)
      Hope this helps!

  2. Great post. I love reading about Asian products as we don't get them here and it's sometimes difficult to figure out what is what on their websites. Do you know what the lightening ingredient is in this product?


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