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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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[Unboxing] CrossCore180 from Rakuten Malaysia

Getting fit has been one of my 2015 resolution and so far i guess i am slowly heading there (?) lol but yea, working out 4-5 days a week and eating clean with occasional cheat meals :-P
But i do like some variety in my workout routine, so far it's been alternating between swimming & gym routines that's how i stumbled across this latest TRX hybrid on Rakuten Malaysia.
Also, needed my monthly dose of shopping on my "down" days and what else can be more fun than shopping? That's why Rakuten's tagline is "Shopping is Entertainment" :-P

So it's a yay for me as i have a new toy now that allows me to workout from home but do take note that TRX-s are designed for normal home doors, not firewall doors ya :)
This particular model i got, named "CROSSCORE" sold only by SellinCostAsia (merchant from Rakuten Malaysia) is a brand new and improved version of the previous TRX models.

It allows you to maximized various workouts like Core, Balance, Strength & Endurance with it's flexibility magnetic pulley design.
Unlike previous models that limits your workout movements but this one seems like it would be a better challenge to those out there who already got used to the older TRX models.

Also here are some shopping tips on choosing the right equipment for your mini home gym.
  • Make sure to measure your door properly, see whether the TRX model you want to get fits. If you have any inquiry do not hesitate to contact the seller: sales.sellincost@gmail.com, they would be more than glad to help you choose the right product.
  • Though TRX-s are supposedly made to fit "ANY" kind of doors, so take note that there is a certain height & thickness limit to it as well.
  •  As for outdoor, make sure the support you are using is sturdy (eg: tree, pole, exercise bars, playground)
  • Also there are many videos on youtube you can access to learn how to maximize the usage of your TRX.
  • Last but not least enjoy your new toy and make sure to be consistent with your workout routine to produce results!

Where to get this awesome workout product?

Only specially available at your No.1 Online Shopping Mall in Japan now available in Malaysia -   Rakuten.com.my
It's your one stop online shopping portal ranging from fashion apparel and accessories, health and beauty products, consumer electronics, toys and games and home furniture
To start your shopping experience head on over to this link: http://www.rakuten.com.my/arisa

If you guys are into more health and fitness stuff you can visit SellinCostAsia for more high quality, large variety & affordable equipments – http://www.rakuten.com.my/shop/sellincostasia

I am not kidding when i said SellinCostAsia sells things at affordable prices, this particular CrossCore model is priced at $199(USD) imagine how much it is once converted?
That's about nearly RM800 bucks worth of equipment but thanks to SellinCostAsia, i got my CrossCore for only RM328 (inclusive GST) original selling price RM678!

Now to reward you guys with a treat and to get you started on your health & fitness journey, i recommend getting the Weider X Factor - Total Body Workout System.
It comes with 3 full workout DVDs for workout variation and even has a poster guide on how to do your exercises, easy for beginners.

There is also a special ongoing 10% discount by using this code upon checking out: "SICBLOG15"
Validity: 4th July - 17th July 2015.

 Rakuten has a Super Points reward programme specially for their beloved shoppers that allows them to accumulate points with every purchase made, and this points can be converted into cash for future purchases. All you need to do is sign up first as a Rakuten member (FOC), to claim this reward and to earn further Rakuten Super Points – a loyalty program which rewards members with points that can be used like cash to offset their next purchase for every purchase in Rakuten (1 Rakuten Super Points is worth RM1)

Remember guys!


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