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SkinnyMint Journey (Bye Bloatedness!)

First of all i would like to make a clear disclaimer that this is not a sponsored advertorial post, products were bought by me solely for experimental purposes, you know how skeptical i get whenever i see all those drastic weight loss posts on websites or instagram, seems to hard to believe lor coming from a person like me who has worked damn hard to lose weight and tried countless of methods in the process. Honestly i think my body is screwed up already and by the time i reach 30 most of my organs would have failed liao, but then again somebody has to try so i wouldn't mind volunteering when it comes to weight loss programs lol.

For years i have suffered from chronic bloatedness, it is so bad to the point my stomach would expand the size of a 3 month pregnant lady, meaning from a 24 inch waist it can expand up to 27-28 inch resulting pain and so much discomfort, can't even wear my pants because of this. That is also one of the reasons why i have pants sized from UK4- 10 in my closet, my weight fluctuates so much that it annoys the crap out of me, gets even much WORSE during period week. Trust me i tried many kinds of remedies from natural to medication and none of them worked, googled about it and it seems there are many girls out there suffering from it too, it's something inevitable because it's just how our body works. All we can do is try our best to find out our problems and tackle them slowly, even if it doesn't help to cure it a 100% but at least it helps reduce the discomfort to make it more bearable.

Bloatedness can be caused by many factors, some food like lactose intolerants, gluten, and many more, some can be hormones and last but not least lifestyle. Honestly till this day i still can't figure out my source of bloatedness, previously was too much fibre intake (because on a diet of only fruits) so i cut down on that and drank more water, after awhile the constipation & bloatedness did subside but not completely, then i figured it might be the dairy products i consumed because i know that i am indeed a long time lactose intolerant person (since 5-6 years old) but i tried to overcome this by consuming dairy daily. Helped alot with my lactose intolerant problem but created another round of bloatedness. All these are just my eating habits which eventually changed to a more balanced one like today, i do eat my carbs like potatoes and basically more food variety compared to previous years but did it help with my bloated stomach? No.

Photo credits to google.

As you all know i am obsessed with losing weight to the point i turned to bulimia and succumbed to anorexia in 2013, but now i am doing fine i guess? Just trying to get back to 45kg (my ideal weight).
But exercising has always been my key point for losing weight & toning, with diet alone you can't get any results. Yea, complain you hate the sweating and all but sorry mate there is no shortcut when it comes to weight-loss. Even with 3-4 times exercise regime fitted into my schedule, it still didn't help overcome my bloatedness but it did help alot in keeping it 1-2 sizes down than usual. Without the exercising it balloons back up to a huge belly.

And now we hit the topic about lifestyle, despite being always busy i would always try to sleep according to schedule and drink more than 3L of water a day, once all those good habits stop problems comes back again, so it's really a tiring endless cycle of maintaining ya'know. All because of my stupid unusual bloated tummy, tried everything and wished there is a permanent solution for my problems but unfortunately no but at least now there is a better alternative to help with my current problem which is SkinnyMint.

Fast delivery to Malaysia as they have a warehouse in Singapore. 
Arrived within a week (5-7 working days)

I seriously don't buy the idea of celebrities who have personal trainers and good genetics as ambassadors for weight loss products, it's really a total bullshit marketing scheme. Be realistic la, show REAL people with REAL RESULTS, not fake celebs who are just there because they are being paid to promote your products. So when i took up skinnymint it was out of curiosity and of course a friend of mine recommended this tea as it helped with her bloatedness and period cramps (you got me at period cramps!) so i mean why not give it a try, no harm with this #teatoxing trend as i did my research on the effects of teatoxing. It's the special tea mixtures that helps stimulate your body's metabolism and aids with eliminating toxins (a.k.a shit). A natural laxative if you ask me lol, but it might not be suitable for all as some people react badly to laxatives, they get cramps and diarrhea but reaction varies from people to people.

My experience with SkinnyMint was pretty much like what everyone else has described, effective with bloatedness, does curb my appetite obviously (i am full of water damn it!) and most of all it does make my period cramps slightly more bearable, haven't tried taking this tea long term as it is too expensive but who know it might actually help ease period pain once and for all lol. They come with 2 types of tea, Morning & Night but if you take the ultimate teatoxing package (28 days) do take note that only the morning tea has 28 tea bags, meanwhile the night cleanse has 14 tea bags (meant for alternate day usage) as their laxative effect came be abit too much for some people. Truth be told you need these 2 bags to actually see results. I tried morning cleanse alone after that 28 day teatoxing program and see no result, just maintaining what's already there.

My results were from normal clean eating (occasional junk food like cookies on cheat days), SkinnyMint Teatoxing (28 days) and exercising 3-4 times a week. Alternate between gym sessions & swimming, my gym routine is usually 15-20 mins on threadmill and followed by  free weights & sit ups before cooling down with 10 mins threadmill or elliptical machine.

Okay, skinnyMint has proven their point that their products are indeed effective, but i do see a handful of people who complain there are no results etc and all those postings by other customers that shows  drastic before & after photos are fake marketing photos. Like i previously said, results may varies  from different individuals so don't expect to get 6 packs just from teatoxing, if you do please  do me a favour and slap yourself. Teatoxing just aids you with your weight-loss or fitness journey, it's not a miracle drink that makes your instantly gorgeous and if it does all plastic surgeons would be out of jobs already. 

You need a PROPER balanced diet program (go to a dietician if needed) and a CONSTANT workout routine, i know working out in the gym for the first 1-2 days seems okay but after 1 week you just want to give up because you are not seeing results, which you are wrong. Results don't come overnight especially if you are a newbie, it comes from being dedicated & it's something that will show eventually on the long run (2-3 months). You are not a body builder, so don't kill yourself trying to look like one in the process mentally draining yourself, all that matters is getting to your ideal healthy weight first and after that you want to be bodybuilder then by all means go ahead and train harder.

I prefer the Morning Boost taste as it is slightly more berry-ish tasting which is really pleasant, compared to the night cleanse as that has a slight hint of ginger (not my fav, ugh). 

One thing i did very much learn from this #teatoxing trend is you need to consume x2 times more the usual amount in order to flush out all those toxins. Yes your 1 cup of tea isn't going to do much miracles when your pee and poop is just stuck up there, you need to "let it go" *cue's Elsa's song  lol*. That is why you need sufficient amount of water to get them out our your system, or you will start getting haggard skin and breakouts. 
So remember to drink more water and less soft drinks or artificial sugared juices girls, you might ask whether skinnymint is for girls only or guys also can try. I mean why not, it's just natural tea after all no hormonal ingredients so guys won't grow boobies lol.

You can still continue drinking skinnymint even when you are on your period week, nothing will be affected in fact it regulates the flow more as the warm tea keeps your tummy fuzzy. Unlike those pesky slimming pills that claim to have weight loss properties but i really doubt they actually tell you their full ingredients and those pills you have to skip them during shark week as they might mess with your hormones.

FYI : Once you finished your 28 day teatox program, rest 1 month before resuming another round of teatoxing. This is to let you body rest from all the hard work of removing toxins.

Will i repurchase again near future? Most definitely if it wasn't too expensive :-(
You can check them out here: www.skinnymint.com
Bestseller 28 day Teatox @ RM169: 28 Day Ultimate Teatox  (personal recommendation!)

Hope this review is useful if you do want to try out #Teatoxing :-)

*sobs* still a long way to go to 45kg T_T


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