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Amazing Chinese Food in Kuala Lumpur

Try these Amazing Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur for Amazing Chinese food

Chinese food is something that we all love to have. The rich blend of a variety of spices and the tangy taste really taste awesome. Kuala Lumpur is one such place that will offer you some exotic Chinese restaurants to taste authentic Chinese items. Below given are the details of five restaurants in Kuala Lumpur that you must give a try when you visit this place.

Din Tai Fung Pavilion:
You will love the quality of food served at this place. The taste is very unique and the ambience of the restaurant is really good. Some of the dishes that are definitely worth a try include hot and sour soup noodle, Xiao Long Bao, salted egg pumpkin, spicy pork dumpling and others. The prices of the food are reasonable and the service is quite prompt. During weekends the food joint is quite crowded and preferred by people of all age groups. They also do food delivery via Foodpanda. You can use
Foodpanda discount codes from Savingmart to get discount on your online order.

Mosaic at Mandarin Oriental:
If you are looking for an appropriate place for romantic dinner then this is the right place for you. Located at Mandarin Oriental next to the KLCC, this restaurant is loved for its ambience and the quality of food. You will be amazed to see the variety of the items offered by the restaurant. Be it the lunch menu or the array of options available for breakfast, the food is cooked with complete perfection. The staff of the restaurant is very helping and offer prompt service. The fresh prawns and crabs are the best attraction of the restaurant that you must give a try. You can try out anything as the restaurant offers you a variety of cuisines like Indian food, Japanese food, Asian food, Western food and others.

Mandarin Grill & Bar:

Looking for some classy brand of wine along with delectable appetizers? If so, then this is the right kind of place for you. If you want to take your loved ones to a special treat, this is the ideal place for you. The mushroom soup, lobster bisque, steaks are some of the items that you must try at this place. The staff is very polite and they will offer you the best of food. If you are too confused in what to order, they will suggest you some of the authentic Chinese dishes that is definitely worth a try. You can also rejuvenate your body and mind as there is a spa and swimming pool to pamper yourself.

Li Yen:
Li Yen is famous for its luxurious ambience that has won the hearts of its customers. If you are planning a reunion of friends or a celebration of birthday then this is the ideal place for you. The items that are definitely worth a try at this place are fried rice with chicken and salted fish, roasted pork, lemon chicken, dimsum, noodles with eggplant and others. The place is very comfortable and you will love the atmosphere to a great extent. Desserts are a must try at this place that you will love to have. Durian pudding, avocado cream are really tasty and you will feel the urge for more.

Lai Po Heen:
This is the best place for you is you are looking for authentic savory Chinese dishes. The ambience and the comfortable atmosphere will surely please you. Perfect for romantic dates or even family dinner, the place is ideal for casual or for formal dining. The good services and the excellent taste of food surely proves to be a good value for the money you pay. The dish that you must definitely try at this place is the rice dumpling infused with valuable ingredients. The glutinous rice is of very fine texture that will melt your heart. Other dishes that are definitely worth a try at this place are the Sichan Spicy chicken, Peking duck and Durian dessert. The place is really beautiful and affordable enough for people.

So these are some of the most popular Chinese joints where you will get finger licking Chinese platters. You will simply love the food served here at rates that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. So the next time when you visit Kuala Lumpur, the five restaurants are definitely worth a try.

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