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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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[BTS] Minions Movie Shoot

It's a wig gravity defying weekend over here yo~
Just got home from today's shoot and can't wait to share it with you guys, damn wish i've taken some pictures from the photographer's camera for some sneak peaks but i forgot *epic fail* oTL
Finally a shoot with Kak V as Scarlet Overkill (pronounce as overKEWLLLLL) after our last collaboration in 2012 for Angelic Layer photoshoot. Gosh, it's been almost 3 years already and we aren't getting any younger better quickly finish up all the moe characters on my list before more wrinkle grows *sobs*.

This cosplay plan itself was rather impromptu to be honest, wasn't in my plan for this year's budget. It just came up out of no where after we watched the minions movie and Kak V made Scarlet's costume + she was looking for her hubby Bert & Lizzy. Without thinking twice i just jumped on board with the plan to do Queen Lizzy, anyway that's my nickname (Lizzy) at home ~_~ since my name is derived from "Elizabeth" lel. Thank god Spotlight was having RM5 sale fabric *yay~*

Queen Lizzy & Scarlet Overkill from Minions
(photobombed by Rais & Reno's leg lolol)

Had so much fun though the shoot was short & simple, nothing fancy just sad we didn't have live sized minions as props but oh well~ maybe next time or something :P
Pretty much thanks to our photographers Rais (for picking & sending me back) and Red, you guys are super fun to work with XD
Also our sick buddy reno here who helped jaga our bags during the shoot, hope the fresh air helped with your sick tummy :(

No fancy costume, just tons of blings for dear ol' queenie, just hope the real Queen Elizabeth doesn't stalk my postings and see me doing this unglam pose lol.
I know how hard it is to drag me out for photoshoots these days, have tons of costumes done and ready but i wish i had the time, photographer & location to shoot'em. Life of a working adult, so not fun but hey it's all about priorities & work balance :)
But seriously thanks for getting out of the house to do this, damn right i was avoiding people (because malas) and burying myself with work for the past few weeks because i am in my low mood and hopefully it goes off soon.

Thank you all so much guys! :')
p/s: To the crazy kak V for did 3 shoots in one day (gila) please go sleep instead lol.

Can't wait for ze outcome of the photos :-D 
Shall update my page with the photos once i get'em k? Stay tuned~

Disclaimer:  All photos taken using my faithful HTC DesireEYE


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