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Etude House 7th Anniversary Makeover & Precious Mineral Any Cushion Review

Happy 7th anniversary Etude House, would sincerely like to congratulate you on the another mazing milestone in the beauty industry. I personally support Asian brands when it comes to skincare and cosmetics as they are made specifically for our skin type unlike most Big European brands.
Especially having to choose the right foundation shade for our skin tone can be quite a hassle with European brands (too many colours already lol) meanwhile asian cosmetics has only a few shades that seems to cover "all types of skin tone" (fair ones, not much tans unfortunately).

But yea in terms of colours Asians don't really have much variety for both Korean & Japanese make up styles, the most would be coloured eyeliners & neon lippies to create ombre lips.
Ombre lips trend doesn't look like it's gonna die anytime soon in fact it's getting more and more popular among Asians especially Malaysians.

So during the 7th anniversary event, Etude house invited their very own make up artists all the way from Korea to share her techniques & knowledge about choosing the right shades for different skin tones.
Example: If your skin is towards the yellow-ish tone best avoid peach or orange lipsticks as it tends to make you look more "orange-y" overall lol. Try to balance it out by going for pinks or dark red shades.

Live demonstration on  how to don a "Romantic Love Affair" look using their new products.

Was really a happy girl that day when i got to try out their new Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF50/PA+++.
Heard it's coverage is pretty good and it's texture is lightweight at the same time compared to their previous models. Sounds quite unbelievable to me as most cushion compact's i've tried have quite minimal coverage which ends up with me needing to add on concealer and powder.
Their new improved version of Precious Mineral Any Cushion provides clean, pearly coverage (not too shimmery) it's like a foundation & powder in one compact allowing me to cover up my blemishes easily, also gives a long lasting coverage.

Love arranging stuff just to take pretty pictures :D

I like products that are convenient and easy to use, since its a 2-1 formula, i don't need to carry around so many stuff when it comes to emergency touch ups during events. 
Also knowing etude house, their cushions always have a pleasant smell which i can't describe but to some people it might be a wee bit too overpowering.

Comes in the usual 3 shades, those who shops frequently at Etude House would notice their colour coding is always the same when it comes to foundations/ compact cushions.
  • N02- Light Beige (fair)
  • W13- Natural Beige (natural)
  • W24- Honey Beige (slightly towards yellow-ish skin tone)

*Boing Boing*

Comparing the Precious Mineral Any Cushion to all their previous similar products like their Precious Mineral Sun BB, Precious Mineral BB cream, Moistfull Collagen Balm and CC cream this has by far the best coverage among all of them. With High SPF content that protects the wearer's skin from harmful UV rays, it creates a perfect smooth base and corrects all your skin woes (blemishes, uneven skintone, etc)
I am actually quite surprise this product surpassed the CC cream in terms of colour correction & lasting power because in my past experience with other brand's CC creams it's by far the best choice among BB cream & Foundations.

From liquid it transforms to powder like setting upon touching the skin, somehow it looks "pearly" matte finishing rather than the "dewy" look which i kinda despise because it makes my face look oily lol, thank god for this Precious Mineral Any Cushion :D

Also did you know why the cushion for this particular product special compared to the rest? It's mechanism is made from a new type of sponge called "Foaming Urethene Foam" a.k.a "Air Puff" that prevents light liquid type products from drooping or separating from the skin making application even more flawless as it allows the sponge to cover the smallest pores on your face. Works best in patting method rather than dragging.

Current On-The-Go make up pouch made for my lazy days or when i am rushing to events :-P

Head down to your nearest Etude House store to give this Precious Mineral Any Cushion a try, who knows you might like it :-)
Even me who was sceptical about this product had a change of heart because of their pearly matte finishing & coverage lolol. Also heard the Etude house in Sunway Pyramid is currently having a mini clearance sale, check it out on my beauty buddy's blog for more details: http://www.wiidaribbon.com/2015/07/etude-house-haul-rm-5-only.html



  1. Instead of being good at everything Etude house have a really nice & adorable packaging ^_^

    1. yea, at least they nailed their packaging part :D


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