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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Chulip Carnival Giveaway

Watch this cute introduction video I made!

I am always finding fun ways in taking care of my lips instead of the usual boring lip balm regime because i often use lipsticks & constantly in air-conditioned areas that tend to dry up my lips leaving them chapped and ugly.
Who here has this problem too? No matter how much scrub i use the night before i go to bed, i'll wake up in the morning with terrible cracked lips :-(
And take note that most repair lip balms out there has such an awful oily & thick texture that feels like i've just smudge a block of butter (literally) on my lips. A big NO-NO on my lipbalm criteria list, after hunting high and low, finally came across these cute lip balms from Japan called "CHULIP".

Anyone here has heard of them or tried them on your recent trip to Japan? 
Apparently it's one of their best selling brands in Japan's beauty drugstores because of their cute unique design & wonderful flavours/ scents, its beautifully shaped like a round cream mousse freshly sprayed out of the can lolol XD 

"Chu" from ChuLip literally means "Kiss" in Japanese, these fun & colourful lip balms are formulated with delicious individual blends enhanced with high quality moisturising ingredients like olive oil, macadamia nut oil and rose hip oil which is something different than the usual 'shea butter' found in most lip balms/ lipsticks.
Because of these unique blends it gives chulip an easy glide-on formula without it being oily nor thick on the lips but that doesn't mean it's lacking of protective & repairing properties.

The fun colours represent 4 different types of breathtaking travel destinations & yummy flavours (really yummy! Can't resists from licking my lips lol), not the usual kind of 1 flavour lip balm, each of them have at least 3 main ingredients that creates their unique scents & flavours.
Though the ingredients might sound "unconventional" like ginger & clove but trust me, you won't even realised its there lol.

Pink- Paris, Perfect Memories
This delicious berry concoction represents 'eternal love' made from Berries & peach flavour 
Red- NY, Brilliant my way
Made for strong individuals inspired from the city that never sleeps it is a powerful fruity scent of Apple, ginger and tea rose.
Purple- Arabian Floral Shower
This particular one sounds like a hopeless romantic (like Jasmine & Aladdin from Disney!) as it sweeps you off on a magical carpet ride with its scent of Rose, Germanium & Clove.
Green - Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia (my fav!)
Inspired by the refreshing fairytales & folklore from Norse mythology, green is a mixture of Orange, lime and Mango, the scent leans more towards mango making the citrus scent less overpowering.

sorry my beauty camera "melted" my nose lololol. 
Trying to do my "pout" but lost to my chulip's pout, it has more fabulous cupid's bow lips than me.

The whole idea about chulip's colours is catered specifically to suit your mood, if you are feeling hopelessly romantic, try popping Purple- Arabian Floral Shower into your bag to keep your lips juicy & refreshed all day long.
Feeling fun & playful? Try Green - Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia, it's refreshing scent will sure get you back on track not to mention you can also try pimping up your chulip with decorations like stickers. Get them personalized to suit your aesthetic/ lifestyle.
Since Chulip is form Japan, i gave mine a mini "Geisha" look, what do you think about my chulip makeover? XD

Smooth round texture, confirmed to cover every single corner of your lips. It's none coloured lip balm by the way, just scented. Of all my none coloured lip balms, this is my new found favourite because of it's texture. Honestly i do wish it is a wee bit slimmer for storage purposes lol, can't fit my lippie tray because it's round while the rest are usual lipstick size.

Available at leading local pharmacies like Guardian and Watsons at RM25.90 each.

Now to do a mini giveaway as a token of appreciation to all my faithful followers :) If you are new, please do subscribe to my blog as i am trying to do more beauty giveaways to share the joy. So not only you'll be reading my reviews, you get to try them out for yourselves too, isn't that great? :-)
This giveaway isn't sponsored or anything, something i've done on my own because i do really want you guys to try out this awesome smelling & tasting lipbalm from Japan (yes, i am bias when it comes to Japanese stuff lol).

Just 2 simple steps to win yourself a CHULIP worth RM25.90 each
*Opened for local (Malaysia) & international entries, postage will be covered by me :)
*Duration: 9th July 15 -  25th July 15 (11.59pm, GMT +8) 

1. All you have to do is "subscribe" to my blog (if you have not)
*click to enlarge*

2. Leave a comment below by answering:-
   "How many flavours does CHULIP have?" 
    Residing Country: 

*winners will be contacted via email, so please leave a valid one, thank you!

All the best boys & girls :-)



  1. omg neeeeeeds. Lips are forever dry and cracked. :(

    How many flavours does CHULIP have? 4.

    Name: Nicole
    Email*: heytharunicorn@gmail.com
    Residing Country: Malaysia

  2. <3.<3 hope it can cure my cracked lips
    How many flavours does CHULIP have?
    4 flavours

    Name: Shelley Ong
    Email*: stxien@gmail.com
    Residing Country: Malaysia

  3. Answer: 4 different types of flavor
    Name: May Ang
    Email*: may9582@gmail.com
    Residing Country: Malaysia

  4. "How many flavours does CHULIP have?" 4 shi
    Name: see jing jing
    Residing Country: Malaysia

    the purple and pink one look so cute

  5. Chulip ada 4 flavours

    Name: Louise Ng
    Email: lxuiseee@gmail / mgungsoo@gmail
    Residing Country: Malaysia


  6. Chulip has 4 flavours :)

    Name: Ooi Mandy
    Email: thatgirlnamedmandy@hotmail.com
    Residing Country: Malaysia


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