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KlensPop Bunny color- Brown Review

Life opens many doors if you let them when they knock, grateful for this opportunity to work with an international contact lens company, KlensPop.
Originated from Korea they sell 100% authentic and certified contact lenses with large variety of designs to suit your every needs.
As a frequent contact lens user, i do change them every 2-3 months regardless of the lenses lifespan that states 1 year due to hygiene purposes. 
The lenses i keep for one year are the ones i only used 1-2 times for cosplay and kept it in saline (change every month) till it's ready to be thrown away lol.

Delivery might be a wee bit slow (using normal registered post) but there are other alternative for shipping like EMS but it costs more- $22, both also comes with tracking number the only difference is timing. If you can wait then best opt for the economy mail- $5 :)
KlensPop has also 2 alternatives for payments - Paypal & Eximbay (credit card VISA, MasterCard, Amex, JCB, TenPay, 99Bill,China UnionPay). For purchased above $80 you are entitled for free international shipping

Their packaging is really beautiful, and each contact lens comes in a box with a casing and a pair of contact lens tweezers suitable for those who are new to wearing contact lenses. You don't have to go purposely get extra casings just for your lenses as we all know each saline solution box only provides you with 1 casing and no extras = =;;

 Back of the glass vial states it's contents in Korean, if you can't read there is an English translation on their website which can be seen on the right hand panel before ordering.
The design i am reviewing today is their best seller designer lens Bunny Color in Brown, currently selling for $15 instead of $20, you save $5 for this :)

Graphic DIA: 13.8mm
BC: 8.6mm

Using Period: 6month

Water Content: 38%
Manufacturer: LENSPOP
Origin: KOREA
Package: 1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE

The fact i love about KlensPop is because they sell their lenses in various diameters aside from just colours and designs. I do understand the trend of girls wanting enlarging effects for their contact lenses but seriously how big can one's eye get without looking like a bug or alien, i realised i can't wear lenses with diameters bigger than 16mm or it'll look ridiculously weird.
Sorry i have very small ASIAN eyes, also known as "sepet" lol so it's unfortunate for me compared to other Asian girls who have rounded almond shaped eyes.
Bunny Color is designed for comfort and minimalist beauty suitable for daily usage because of it's natural enlarging diameter (14mm).

Colour is surprisingly obvious on dark coloured eyes and it is enough to give your eyes a nice alluring brown shade without making it too overly fake looking. Now talking about colours & designs which some lenses have solid & flat colours making them look damn scary if you were to wear them everyday XD I mean, it's good for cosplay since the whole idea it's meant to be 'obvious' but won't it be a waste just to be able to wear them 1-2 times during photoshoot/cons but not being able to wear them to work after that lol.
Because i myself have tons of those overly obvious coloured lenses, kept aside after 1-2 usage, well at least with Bunny color i get to use'em out daily (for 6 months) as well makes the USD15 worth it!

Front view

Back view of lenses

Upclose photo of the design

Been looking for suitable brown contact lenses for my cosplay but could never find one that gives an obvious result or the diameter is too bloody big for my eyes, so thank god i found KlensPop :)
This colour leans towards the honey hue or you call it 'light brown' (?) and that also depends on the lighting. 
With direct natural sunlight it looks honey-ish like the photo below, the comfort level is seriously unbelievable but personally do not recommend wearing them for more than 12 hours lol, my experience wearing the for 12 hours was just a slight discomfort due to dryness, and i did not use any eye drops throughout the whole day.
But overall this is a contact lens i would definitely consider repurchasing again near future if needed for any more brown eyed cosplay characters :)

Direct Natural sunlight

Normal Indoor lighting, looks more "brown" than "Honey"



To purchase Bunny color Brown head to this link: http://klenspop.com/en/home/431-bunny-color-brown.html
More sale products here: http://klenspop.com/en/173-special-sale
You can get circle lenses as low as $9.50 instead of the usual price $22! don't forget to use this code to get an extra 10% off :  “WDK6RW1D”

Official website: http://klenspop.com/en/
Instagram: @klenspop 
Email: klenspop@gmail.com


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