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New Baby ♥ Samsung Note II

Finally the long wait is over! :-) Been debating to get a new phone over the past 2 months since my previous phone has been going in and out of the hospital (Samsung Service Center in lowyat) :-( And the wait at these service centers are horrible! Sending the phone in wasn't too difficult, the worst part is retrieving the phone back takes up to nearly 2 hours!
Seriously Samsung, you guys could be more efficient in your service centers :-/

I couldn't decide between Samsung Galaxy 2 and Samsung Note 2 lol but then again after doing some homework i guess paying abit more for something to suit my needs is more worth it than a  constantly hanging/crashing phone lol >.< That is what happened to my previous phone, the Samsung Galaxy Wonder (W), apparently the RAM gets used up too fast because too many apps were running at the same time resulting the phone to either hang or crash completely oTL

And I only run 4 apps excluding Twitter! D:  Don't get me wrong! The phone is great, it works fine but it might be more suitable for non working people lol more for people who leisurely checks their Facebook or play games. For me on the other hand, am constantly checking and replying my emails and Facebook @_@ Really not meant for multitasking lol

Was so excited over CNY and bought my first casing in Jonker Street, Melaka at a cheap price :-D
should have bought black as well lol and decided to add in some decos out of boredom :-P

Candyland ♥

Totally no regrets buying this phone :-) So far I'm able to work with it without having to worry about it giving problems during work on the go, aside for some app glitches which they tend to have this force shut down warnings I find kinda irritating lol and end up deleting the app. Hallelujah for the S-pen and wider screen!  Faster replying and typing too~ Thank you so much Don for helping me bring in this gorgeous baby ♥ :-)




Jean said...

i think it shud be very useful for u as a design student. =)

Tammy Miu said...

how much you pay for note 2? after seeing Yuna's note 2, feel this phone very suitable for creative people!!! XD so i think it's suitable for you Lisa!

I'm still a iphone person! and looking forward to google glasses, hope they faster finish testing etc.. n come out with it

Arisa Chow said...

yea :) so far i still haven't had time to play around with it yet >.<

Arisa Chow said...

about RM1.9k without any packages :) HAHA! If i hold iphone sure break liao XD

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