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New Toy : Itazura Cat Coin Bank

About 2-3 years ago when my sayang sent me a link for this cute neko coin box, ever since I've always wanted to buy one (couldn't resists the cuteness T^T) But after conversion and shipping fees, the price is enough to kill you lol just for a small toy coin box you wouldn't want to pay RM100+

Let me introduce my new friend and Toy ♥ Even though it's a bootleg version but it still works fine :-) Except instead of meowing like the original, this one speaks in Chinese lol was very lucky to come across this coin box at a cheap price. Though i know we should support originals >.< this is just a toy for me to play with *puss in boots eyes* lol

At least this is a new  found motivation for me & him to save up and go travelling around Europe one day, I know it's a small box but everything starts small first no?:-)

Looks almost as good as the original lol ♥ *shiawase*

The original is sold here on a Japanese website : http://www.strapya-world.com/
They have tons of cute stuff that I want but can't afford >.< lol maybe one day when I go to Japan, i'll go look for them :-P

They have other animals too but a cat lover will always be a cat lover! :-P 
I wouldn't mind a cat invasion one day trololol~ all the fluffy wuffy furballs!!!  (=^-ω-^=)

And since Chinese New Year is less than 2 days I think most kids would have gotten their ang paos already:-P I miss being a kid, the get older the lesser ang paos you receive #truestorybro and the saddest part is when your much older relatives ask you whether you are married or not before giving you an ang pao hahaha!





Sarvin Sidhu said...

The coin bank is so cuteee! btw happy chinese new year! x

Arisa Chow said...

thanks dear! :)

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