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Windchimes in The Bakery : Finale (Sneak Peek!)

It's been a nerve wracking wait for the Samsung Windchimes series finale, and today is the day!!! :-D
Got a special invitation to view it first hand with other bloggers/media and friends before it's officially released on Youtube (which would be very soon).
Arrived at the screening location pretty early and i honestly thought i was gonna be super duper late due to the stupid jam caused by the Merdeka parade rehearsal roadblock =_= buggers.
Times like these i thank god for an other alternative, the cramped monorail.

Arrived at 10am sharp for registration but Don wasn't there yet :-P
So I decided to do a lil window shopping in Pavilion.. lol

First stop was Forever21 because they are having sale :-D With my current edgy hairstyle, i can finally carry off long punk earrings *fishhhh yeahhhh!* 

And was curious to see this backdrop in Watsons since Winnie told me that there is a huge display in Pavilion XD Got a shock of my life because this is indeed VERY BIG O_O
Feel so grateful for this opportunity, thank you so much Manoah & Mandom 
J pop cosmetics are available in selected Watsons all over Klang Valley with an ongoing 10%  off promotion now ;-)

Check out their FB for the latest promotions : https://www.facebook.com/jpopcorner.my

Next stop was to head to the event location which was in GSC, we got to watch the whole entire series movie style :D 
Full screen and HD + Popcorn and drinks! Woots~ 

The whole venue was decorated with buns and they are edible! LOL, for a moment i thought they were just for decorating purposes until Don told me it's actually meant to be eaten haha. Can u spot the red bean buns? :-P

I'm gonna spam my blog and facebook wall with pictures of Red bean buns!! Yes, my job is to make you crave for them as well :-P
I personally love red bean very much, doesn't matter how it's cooked or served (pau, soup, buns..etc) I would definitely devour it without thinking twice ;-) I remembered once my hormones went haywired during "that time of the month" I craved nothing but red bean soup and taro balls for like a few months #diefatme. It's really scary being a girl sometimes :-/ Can't control all these hormonal changes, and the worst I heard is during pregnancy @_@ wtf.

All photos in this post were taken using #S4 :-)
If only real live pastries in Malaysia were this creative, I'm sure the bakeries sales would explode :-P

Finally had the honor to meet the real life cute and bubbly Koe Yeet (Sue) and dashing Ahmad (Adam), the 2 main characters in the series!! I couldn't help hugging Koe Yeet when i first saw her because she is just so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee! How i wish i was a guy instead :'( lol

P/s: Please pardon my morning face, result of rushing +lazy to wear make up lol :-P Just had a light layer of powder and drew my eyebrows. Nothing else, look darn scary right? :D

Remember the soundtrack from Windchimes in the Bakery? Yep, it's played by Dennis Lau, our very own local violinist. He was there as well to perform the soundtrack live! :D 
If you love the soundtrack like i do, download the Windchimes app on google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vintedge.windchimes&hl=en

It's free and you can watch the series anytime, anywhere:-) Share the joy with your friends and family today~

*Dramatic theme song* jeng..jeng..jeng....Is this a final goodbye for Sue & Adam? :-P

Spoiler alert! Counting down less than an hour before they release this final video on youtube, catch it here: http://www.youtube.com/user/SamsungMalaysia?feature=watch

Also got a personalized gift from Samsung Malaysia :-D
An apron 
 I needed one so badly since i started baking/cooking more often and my wish came true! Thankiuuuuuuuuuuu!

All photos are brought to you by S4, my life companion 
Here, have a red bean bun (*^▽^*)




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