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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012 [AFA MY]

Haha, I know this is a late post :-P
Was waiting for all our lovely photographers to post up photos from AFA about 2 weeks ago that was held on 9th-10th June 2012 @ Putra World Trade Centre
In my opinion of the place, the hall was TOO SMALL to accommodate the AFA crowd = =
I only went on day 2, because i was rushing to finish up my assignments @_@ Nearly died from it, thank God I didnt have to rush my costume! If not i would have fainted liao..LOL

Reason why the entire crowd was "halau" away? Ah Jib Kor was having an event on the same day as well, bitch please. Do you have to ruin everybody's event with your unwanted presence? >_>
Bloody uncivilized guards shouting at all the AFA crowds and cosplayers, here is a message for PWTC's management.

Dear, PWTC

You could do a better job in training your security dogs..opps! I mean staff.
At least teach them some manners ♥ 
Thank you!

As i was saying ;-) I had a fun time meeting up with some friends and finally being able to cosplay (really need to make more time for cosplay!) Sorry for slowing down alot in cosplay, due to college life oTL next year is gonna be even harder to cosplay! But on the bright side, I'll be graduating soon :D YAY! 
Cosplay, wait for me! I'll be back very soon~
Sorry to those i didn't managed to meet up at AFA, couldn't find you guys! I didnt go in the hall because it was damn packed! Thank God i didnt buy the ticket, it would have gone to waste with the crowd condition that day oTL But will see you guys soon at the next event ;-)

I bet everyone was wondering what character I cosplayed at AFA huh? I know, I tend to cosplay characters that isn't so MAINSTREAM lol but they are always my favs! ♥ This costume was made a for special friend, hope I didn't ruin your fav character as well Kuzu! ;_; will be waiting for you to come back soon :3
Saddest part that day was, one of my high heels broke oTL lolol...walking around with one side still intact made my walking look like a duck 8D time for the shoe to retire anyway, you have served me well in my cosplays! ;_; *le cries*

Photo credits to respective photographers! Thank you for all the lovely photos >w< *shiawase* 
Do drop by their pages to give them some love and support nyaaa~!
Couldn't thank you guys enough!!! *huggies* :3

Cosplayer : Arisa

Character : Caren Ortensia

Game : Fate/Hollow Ataraxia (sequel game of Fate Stay Night)

Credits to Aaron Kee from aaronkee.com ♥ 

Credits to Hexlord from Black Rabbit Photography 

Credits to Hexlord from Black Rabbit Photography 

Credits to Bryan Ng from BryPhotos.com


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