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Snow White and The Huntsman : Movie Review

Okay, as we all know that there are two versions of snow whites this year,
Mirror Mirror (by Tarsem Singh) and Snow White and the Huntsman (by Rupert Sanders) and well all know how this little fairy tale goes lol so it's an expected plot. What made these two movies different is the graphics and the mood settings (Total exact opposites wei..lol)

For Mirror Mirror it was a cheerful and like every little girl's imagination of how a princess in a fairy tale should look like , so it's cliché lol (what do you expect? It's a fairy tale the whole world knows about ! Just made in to graphic motion for those who are lack of imagination and need this movie to help them.
 HAHA! :-P sorry for the mean comment XD Must be over stressed from assignments lately @_@) 
Not to mention the funny bonus at the ending song, Bollywood style! XD I'm glad that I decided to stay till the credits finished! If not I would have missed such an awesome scene D:

This Movie on the OTHER hand was just all about the computer graphics. That's it. Nothing more. Oh Wait! I forgot! And Kristen Steward's STONED FACE (watch this movie and you will get what i mean) lololol. Sorry, can't help it! this lady needs a serious face lift by the time she hits 35 (no kidding) >_> You need to learn how to smile in front of the mirror more often Ms.Steward! Even Charlize Theron looks more pleasant in so many ways(at least she AGED gracefully) haha!
As expect of how the settings should be, Gothic, dark, Ugly trolls ..blah blah.. yea what do you expect from the producers who made Alice in Wonderland?

And the weirdest part of this whole movie is, how the heck can Snow White be pure when she fights like a man and screams like a barbarian?o.O 
No sense of lady likeness at all coming from a princess (well, maybe we can't blame her for being treated like an animal by Charlize lol)

And just imagine been locked up in the north tower by your "evil" or just jealous step-mommy for approximately 7 years? And when you finally planned you escape route you can run as fast as an athlete, do crazy stunts like sliding down the sewer hole and jumping into the raging sea. How the effing God did she survive all that without any exercise for like 7 years as a prisoner? Should't her muscles be like jelly by now (like every other damsels in distress that gets locked in the "highest" tower tololol~)  (ಠ_ಠ) -yougottabefukkingkiddingme-

Yea, basically alot of cannot brain moments  (ಠ_ಠ)
I'll give this movie a 4.5/10 rating (so~ so only~)
and a 7/10 for the nice graphics and Charlize's costumes 

Happy watching this movie guys!
Don't say i didn't warn you about Kristen's annoying face (maybe it's because I despise twilight lol)

A face you want to slap LOL



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