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Things People Do Not See : 01

Haha, I made it sound like a saga all of a sudden :-P
As promised from my last post regarding my life health issues, I'm sharing to you guys what i've been through and currently going through. Not like you would care or anything, but this is a story i would like to share especially to girls out there who are prone to weight issues.

We are all humans, one word can instantly crush us into a million tiny pieces. It all depends on how strong willed you are. Even the strongest willed person on earth can be brought to his knees.

About me being scared of food, is something weird. Because? We need food to survive right?
Yes, indeed we need food, but based on my observation in Malaysian society people "Live to eat" not "Eat to live"
It's like food has lost it's purpose here lol, i know Malaysian food is yummy and whatsoever but the way i see you guys eat, somehow scares me all of a sudden.
Eating too little is a problem, eating too much is also a problem :-/
So eat moderately, not sampai you feel like your stomach is about to explode!

Because of my current obsession in counting calories, in my mind EVERYTHING IS FATTENING, and i love desserts the most, especially pastries! But how can i eat them if i am scared of gaining weight?
I did something many people with eating disorders would do, before i eat a slice of cake / dessert i would punish myself by not eating  food with alot of calories a.k.a fruits only a day before. Damn unhealthy, i know :-/
All this problems are basically mental issues.
How i see myself in the mirror is different from what you guys see, I see myself as a slightly chubby girl, an always will be(must be genetics lol)
But some people would tell me I'm a walking skeleton (Which i find exaggerating >_> )
I definitely did LOSE WEIGHT, enough to loose my assets as well. So yea, Dieting DOESN'T HELP.

Actually, my motif was to be stick thin like those runway models :-/  they look so good in every single clothing! Le sigh~ but it is impossible for me because I ain't tall and i have a short torso (short body but long legs) so i look abit "off" proportion lol
And I came to realized that no matter what i do to torture my body i will never achieve the body i wanted, and all these models are naturally borne like that, what makes them appear "skinny" is because of their height. So i was foolish to blindly follow and pushed away all the true factors in life.
I've hated how i looked at myself, the most displeasing part of my body to me were my arms (and still is! lol) they were constantly big and flabby no matter what exercises i did  :-/ Some say they were genetic problems but i believe when there is a will, there is a way HAHA~ yes, I am so stubborn :-P
I envied all my model friends who pig out on unhealthy meals and don't exercise but they still maintain their slim figure, some people are just blessed aren't they? I know i should be grateful for what i have, but to me if i can improve it, why not?

And the saddest part is, to people (models) I've looked up to all these while because they managed to maintain their awesomely slim figure (with constant snacking/ enjoying food) were actually clients of Slimming centers :-/ dafuq...I've been TROLLED! 
And all these while i jellied them like nobody's business! oTL Felt so stupid...well, these are people who are rich and can afford slimming programs >_> 
average people like me have to spend hours in gym to get their effortless body.Damn.
Life isn't fair as usual. Fml.

What made me changed my motif of becoming skinny to fit was when my UK aunt came down to visit, she was shocked at my new weight ~_~  and asked me ....

Aunt : what size are you now? 
Me: erm..UK 6-8 I guess?o_o why?
Aunt: Over in UK now they only demand for minimal UK 8 models, not any skinnier than that.
Me : Wow, didn't know they finally realized skeletons used to walk their runways haha! 

That is when I've decided that i wanted to be like this (Victoria Secret models,they have bodies to die for!) 
The curves and abs 
Feast your eyes babeh! :-P


skinny boob-less models LOL (that is where i'm currently am, yes, my chest is as flat as an airplane track! D: *cries* )
So i did my research, on my diet plan and exercise regime ;-)
I go to the gym 2-3 times a week to work out, hopefully results shows up soon :-P I'm now what you call a gym-a-holic oTL If i don't go to the gym I feel damn guilty for slacking and tell myself i will never achieve the results i want with my lack of discipline D:

Now that everyone who asked me how i lost weight (my answer would be " go to gym lor~) has signed up for gym. I lol-ed at the fact that how easily influenced people can get. Well, i respect you if you do it purely out of good intentions of boosting your health but if your going just because you want to be like me (please, don't!) forget it.Why the heck would you want to be like me anyway?( ~_~)
I'm doing this is because of work. And i find it torturing, not fun!

I would rather if you guys were to do your own research before signing up for a gym membership (well if you can afford a gym coach, good for you) because i know many people blindly go to the gym without proper researching, like what is your target and types food you should eat if you want to build muscles..etc..
All these are important factors!
Without these you might just overwork your body and strain it or not achieve the results you want (which would be a waste of time and effort)
And if your not sure on how to plan your exercise regime, consult a gym instructor. I'm sure he/she will be glad to help you out ;-)

And i observed (on facebook where else LOL) many of my friends who recently signed up for gym, before gym they pig out on a hearty meal (>_>) tell me how you wanna lose weight if you eat all the fatty oily stuff before every gym session? What you eat is what you are.

So don't be a LEMMING!
And don't be lazy to do a little research (which can save your life as well)!
Don't know what is a lemming? Go Google :D
I know, he looks cute. But the dumbest cute animal you can find on this planet LOL

Next post will be about my salad recipes that you guys can try out! ♥ :3
More to come~
Stay tuned! 



  1. Hey Arisa!

    Thank you so much for sharing this life experience of yours! What's best about it is that it isn't long and lengthy and draggy! (Unlike the others out there LOL. xD)

    Learned quite a few tips and shall avoid the things you mentioned. :D

    I'm sorry for what happened to you before. I do hope you'll be in better position soon. :)

    Again, thanks alot! Hope you'll be able to achieve the curves you desire! And hope to see you more often in ACG events!

    Cheers. <3

  2. "... flat as an airplane track..."

    you said it, not me!! :D

  3. Cloudee : Thank you so much for the kind comment dear TwT *hugs* thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!! shall see you around in ACG events soon dearie! :3

  4. Wkhai : nak kena sepak ar you...=_=lll shoo~ shoo~


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