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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Things People Do Not See

We can't judge a person by their outlooks like the English idiom "don't judge a book by its cover" is a metaphorical phrase which means "you shouldn't prejudge the worth or value of something, by its outward appearance alone"

Many have asked about my sudden weight loss since i joined Cyber Colors Glamour Girl Search 2011 last year. That was my turning point, after being told that i needed to loose weight in order to maintain in the modelling line (though i know my chances are slim due to my height)
Yes, Say HI to chubby lil me :D

And I've lost about 12kg over the period of 11 months (Yes, I know. It was a drastic unhealthy weight lost)

How it all started?
It started off with stress and i was emotionally unstable when i first got kicked out of the house last year, blah blah blah.. < family problems that you people don't need to know LOL>
And i started eating less(lost of appetite) and skipping meals, yes i did loose weight but wasn't too drastic

WARNING : This is a life journey I'm sharing, PLEASE DO NOT FOLLOW THE MISTAKES I DID.

I used to have the confidence of a hundred foot long pole but after a "comment" regarding my weight it affected me really badly. I asked myself "Am i really that fat?" That moment i strived to loose as much weight as i could via dieting the most unhealthiest way.
My height is 165cm and weighed 54kg (BMI : not over weight, but just nice)
Yet people still look at me as if i was a walking bucket of lard oTL

Here is a picture of me earlier 2011 and currently 2012
I know, all the excess fats hanging left and right :-/ Sorry for the mind fuck picture oTL

Left : 2011 , Right : 2012

Back to the unhealthy diet lol I did not eat 3 meals a day ( PLEASE PLEASE do not follow this method) By skipping meals hence the result of lowering your metabolism rate. I got a job in a night club as a hostess so i started drinking to relive my depression ( I suffer from a very bad mental depression until now) drinking whisky every night seems good to me, started attending parties..etc..etc  That was my breaking point, I totally lost control of my life. That was how depressed i was.  

But the down side of my eating habits didn't improve as well. Still skipping meals and i gained weight again :-/ result from too much alcohol (So if you want to keep slim stay away from alcohol especially BEER lol don't want to end up with a beer belly :-P)

And I always puke after a meal....WAIT..before you label me as anorexic or bulimic whatever shit...This happened because the absence of stomach acid to digest food after every meal ( I didn't eat according to schedule due to assignments) I found out only earlier this year (January 2012) after my friend brought me to meet her Nutritionist friend for consultation. 
Caused of it? 
(so please heed my warning girls!).

How did i managed fix it? 
Went through painful 3 months of drinking apple cider before every single meal to jump start my acid juices @_@ The most disgusting drink ever!

Then 2012 came along, my goal was to changed the way i lived my life. I wanted to take control of it again.
Late February i started going pure vegetarian, just eating plain salad every day. Indeed that was a sudden change of diet and i couldn't get use to the plain taste of raw vegetables ( note : I eat my salads without any dressings, because i hate mayo based stuff :-B and in my mind they are fattening LOL ignore me please!)

How the heck i eat such plain food eh? that went on for a month or two, miserable as it sounds at least my stomach could digest food like that. I became a horse ;D haha!
My Horse Face :D

How about normal food? 
I couldn't eat any of those, because they were too oily for me to handle and i still didnt have much stomach acid to digest a full proper meal like that. If i eat them I'll just end up puking. So i would rather just avoid them lol

Around Late March to April, I started counting calories ( A HUGE MISTAKE) I made several attempts to eat normal food, but i was too scared of weight gain. I was basically terrified of food. The only food i wasn't scared of was my usual salads. And from that it led to malnutrition causing my body to break down more often then it should.
So yea, spent half my life being very sickly, which isn't very fun :-/
More money fly to medical bills oTL

Advice : NEVER START COUNTING CALORIES, You Will Get Addicted To It and It Becomes A Problem :-/

I avoided food with alot of calories, and went on a no carb diet ( you need abit of carbs to give you energy to keep you going throughout the whole day. So take at least some oats/cereal for breakfast! then you can skip your rice during lunch or dinner)

April this year I went on a holiday to Perhentian and picked up some healthy recipes from the cooks :-P
So now my salads aren't as plain as they used to be 
Will share some recipes on my next blog post! :-D

My Confession : I'm still scared to eating normal food until now to be honest and that is a huge problem that I've been trying to cope for months! :-/

More to be continued on my next blog post!
Stay tuned!


  1. omg!

    the difference between 2011 and 2012 pictures are sooooo obvious!

  2. haha, yea bad example >.<

  3. You posted this on my birthday, wow.

  4. Finally read this. It's a sad story but glad that u r tuning it back to the right track! =) please take care.


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