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Brave : Movie Review

Thank you so much for the invite to join you guys last weekend for the Movie screening Seventeen Magazine! ;-)
I really enjoyed myself!
A relaxing weekend is never completed without a Saturday morning cartoon (just like when i was kid XD)

Brave was on my watch list since the movie posters was put up around local cinemas last year :3 Yea, it was a grueling long wait, but worth it! YAY! Earlier picture was the one released last year, so yea..it got my curiosity all fired up >w< I've always been a fan of Disney and Pixar works, and every year they never fail to come up with something amazing (aside from CARS 2, sorry ain't a fan of the first one lol) 

In my opinion, they should have released this movie during Mother's day 2 months ago! So every kid can bring their mommy to watch this awesome movie together :3 I was really moved by this beautiful movie, the message was so strong that i swore i shed a tear, during the scene where Merida thought her mom was going to be a bear forever ;_; So touching! This Movie is a seriously must watch! A simple movie with a strong message ♥ I'm definitely going to splurge on a blue-ray once it's out :D A movie worth keeping in my collection.

Based in Scotland, Merida is from a royal family and the next heir to the throne but as a normal young girl, all she ever wanted was freedom from all the trapped up daily life training routine. 
Like every human, everyone has their breaking points, one that is pushed too far will just break apart and make irrational decisions out of anger and frustration. But all the Queen(Elinor) ever wanted for Merida is to be happy, but from the looks of it she did it the wrong way. Alot of things Elinor wanted to say to Merida but she just finds it hard to express herself, as a result all she always ended up lashing at Merida though it was not her intention. 
Reminds me of how most mothers do that to their kids :-P One can never expect too highly from a child but to guide them slowly.
What Parents and kids need is a bonding session, i had my fair share of problems like this as well, but when the kid grows up and goes away that is when most parents regretted they never spent much time with their children.       

 These 3 little rascals are the cutest part in the movie (they are younger siblings of Merida) especially when they accidentally ate the cursed tart (the one their mom ate as well) and turned themselves into 3 mini bear cubs XD still mischievous as ever! LOL
Watch the movie and you can't disagree that they are so adorable !!!! 
Not forgetting their wee daddy, King Fergus (this guy will seriously crack you up) explains why the Queen is so stressed up lololol XD




  1. The first 30 minutes or so had me pumped up like no other but once that big twist in the story happens, it all goes downhill from there. However, kids will love the heck out of this film and you can’t go wrong with them. Nice review Arisa.

  2. haha it's Pixar! Cartoons are made for kids to watch :-P in our cases we are big kids! cuz we still enjoy watching cartoons! :-P lol~
    Thanks :) ♥

  3. The movie is great but I was wondering why Brave is a must-seen movie?


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