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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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My Home was Burglarized

Yep, you saw the title correctly alright. I'm sure most of you would have seen the pictures of my room been broken into last year the night before ComicFiesta 2012 (#`д´)ノ
Many of you asked me what happened, it took me long enough to digest everything now I'm spilling all of it out here. Thank you so much for all the concerns and well wishes guys :-)
I really do appreciate it.

Just a warning before you proceed to reading further :
This is a BITCH POST 101 because I need a place to rant, if you do not like my cussing I suggest you close this tab now :-) Thank you and have a nice day ♥

I cried so much and nearly killed myself that night after all the shit i went through for that past whole week, it wasn't easy dealing with relationship problems and college nonsense (this I will update in another blogpost), just as i thought things couldn't get any worst I came home to find my room ransacked :-/ The most devastating part is ONLY MY ROOM was broken into. The other rooms in the house remained untouched. WTF. Seriously? And my room was the only room with the door locked.

I thank god my mom sent me home that night, reached home around nearly, 12am cold and wet from the rain as i was stranded in Putrajaya sentral the whole day waiting for someone who didn't show up. Took my nearly 10 minutes to realized my room was broken into because I unlocked my door (yes unlock with a key)and noticed a few of my items were misplaced, in other words a huge mess. Most obvious of all was my empty table where the laptop should have been and i asked my housemate whether she moved it or not. Well it was stupid of me to ask her because I couldn't accept what my brain was telling me.

When I finally gave in to the whole situation, I seriously couldn't handle it. Broken down crying and swearing like there was no tomorrow. Nearly jumped off the balcony because I couldn't bare to face all this shit, guessed I've reached my limit of holding in. Must have freaked my mom and siblings out when I ran to the balcony :-/ Sorry ma.

This is where the climbed in and out, this picture was taken from the corridor. The window didn't have a padlock because It never came across my mind that someone could actually reach my window, well that was my fault on my side.
To think of someone being able to reach it seems impossible..only monkeys could do stunts like that, I'm guessing the obvious who my mysterious duo burglars might be. None other than Immigrants >_> Where I live, it's infested with immigrants from all over the world. I don't mean to be racist or anything but when they bite my leg (pull I still can tolerate) that has gone too far. I swear to God If i ever knew who you are I'll chop of your bloody penis, blend it and make you drink every single drop. That is how pissed I am 凸(`0´)凸

I live on the 13th floor and there is fucking 20 floors in my condominium. WTF. Of all floors why mine? 
Best part? On the same day 5 other houses were broken into as well :-/ Apparently 2 vacant houses and 3 with residents in it (includes mine). So much for over charging and always increasing the fucking maintenance fee stupid condo management. I wouldn't mind paying if your security guards could move their lazy asses and do their jobs. I'm so sorry for the constant swearing but in this case I'm just too pissed to care anymore.

Pictures from my Instagram

They thrashed my entire room, took my DSLR and and Laptop :-/ I'm not upset that my things were stolen, material stuff like these can be easily replaced. What was most devastating was the fact that I lost all my data, hard work, researches and not forgetting my precious memories (photos) щ(ಠ益ಠщ)
sigh..just right before my exams I lost my notes which i stored in my pc :-/

Clearer view of the mess. Funniest thing was they left my 14k diamond necklace (they took out the box and threw it aside) untouched which made me lol-ed so hard. Something small as that but worth more than pawning my old laptop lol.

Dear Polis Malaysia,
I had a HARD TIME finding your frigging number since it's no longer 999 anymore :-/ If my phone wasn't a smart phone I don't think I'll be able to google your frigging website nor make a police report. This is my first time making an actual police report which I thought was a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME but had to because my housemates were paranoid that the thief might come back again >_>
When I called, no one picked up. Bravo. Let's give them a huge applause for being such FAILURES shall we?
Called a few times and nearly gave up until the last try finally someone answered the phone. Hallelujah ~_~
They told me they can't come to my house to inspect until I come down to their balai to make a full report. Wtf. Crime scene here and I'm suppose to go to you? Hello?
Don't blame me for not knowing how your daft procedure works Polis Malaysia.

Thank god a within that hour, a few friends of mine living close by swung by to help out ;_; Thank you Kiddo and Haruji (not forgetting kuzu who is always on the phone to check on us)! Sorry for making you guys wait with me at the balai until 4am especially Kiddo who had to work at Taugeh's booth for Comicfiesta  (╥_╥)
I feel really like shit for troubling so many people. So so so so sorry and Thank you so much for everything!
Don't think I would have survived the night if you guys hadn't kept me sane.

I hereby present to you the idiot police who think I am frigging joke.

Here is how it all started :

Me : Saya nak buat report.
Idiot police : Untuk apa?
Me : Rumah saya sudah diceroboh masuk.
Idiot police : Siapa suruh you bagi pencuri itu masuk.
Me : WTF? You think this is a joke? (which clearly he didn't understand English)

If Kiddo didn't hold me down I think I would have slapped the guy :-/ I'm already feeling damn shitty and you want me to put up with your stupidity? Bitch please.

Took me 2 hours + just to make a bloody useless report, not like they are gonna do anything about it.

Yea, the Idiot police (guy above) thinks he is so witty but failed to even type out a proper report (¬_¬) He got the date wrong. I made this report 22nd December 2012 @ 1am and when i said "semalam" which was technically correct because it happened the day before and he misunderstood it for thursday. Hello bang? It's already Saturday, 1am and you still think it was Friday ka? *face palm*

Now exam has passed..I'm resting, doing fine because of the family (does not include you old man ಠ_ಠ) and friends I have around me.
I'm forever grateful for that.
Thank you God for blessing me with such wonderful people. 

Ever since this incident happened, I now live in fear in my own goddamn room ಠ_ಠ because I have to open the window when I sleep or I will suffocate. But having to worrying every single time before I sleep whether another idiot might just climb through my window again :-/ 
Rent is also increasing like mad I'm paying nearly RM300 to live in a small store room. Might consider moving soon, sigh~ 

P/S : Forgot to add this in earlier. If any of you comes across a DSLR (Canon EOS 600D) with this serial number please do inform me because It was stolen from me. If you see anyone selling in forums, online or shops please..please do report to me. Thank you!



  1. i'm glad that you're alright arisa

  2. Call emergency number from mobile phone is 112

    1. really? thanks for the info Zheng Hao! :)

    2. yup, tried the number before when my colleagues house was broken into.

      also you may consider posting your laptop / DSLR serial number on your blog so that anyone doing google search on the serial number will know that particular item is stolen.

      Example: Google search 49163008W will list an Toshiba Laptop which was stolen from my brother during our trip to NZ.

    3. sadly i do not have the serial number of my laptop :( But If i manage to get it I'll post it, thanks for the heads up! :)

  3. Isabella here, totally understands you. Deff are those immigrants la! Last yr my hse gt broke in as well, thru window too despite gt padlock. Thy actually break the gril !! F*** them!! Similar is thy took our laptops only. My mom's branded bags like LV etc and all her clearly worth well jewelleries all left bhind. Really lol, i totally understands u girl! I cursed them n u know what? My laptop was like..outdated or virus d n the battery spoilt, so i dun think thy can gt good price eithwr. Bt yeah, all the hardworks all gone in a flip of a finger. The polices, detectives all useless la, fingerpront also din take!!! Somemore very obvious one! Sigh. Cheer up girl, we'll always be by ur side

    1. Dear Isabella,

      Sorry to hear about your unfortunate incident too :( yea, police in our country is plain useless. they take photo of crime scene and do nothing at all after that. Then what for even bother to take the photos? >_>
      *hugs* thank you girl! :)

    2. I know right? Might as well go open up a useless balai n let those really smart ppl tht has true qualifications ex NYPD lol to work. The report part is stupid. Siapa suruh u bagi pencuri masuk? Wtf, if i were u i will also slap him man. Immature. Well i guess we all learn a lesson. Wen lives are hard n rocky it just means God loves us more :) *hugs ya* u're welcome. I'm sorry to hear bout ur case too dear. Hope 2013 will be a better year for you (sorry for so many typos >_< )

    3. Haha, it's okay dear XD when type so fast sure bound to have typos :)
      If i slap the guy they might arrest me for police assault. lol what to do Malaysian police are such a disgrace to our community.

  4. Reading your post makes me realize how unfortunate of u through all those miserable moments. I felt sorry for u. Luckly u do have good friends & your family that help u through it. I hope u will be okay right now. And wish your life will be better for this new year >.<

    1. haha, it's okay Chikonz :)

      Shit happens for a reason sometimes. But thank you for the well wishes :-)
      Same goes to you dear! :)

    2. Reminds me of the time my house got broken into as well. Now we're all extra careful. Good thing u weren't sleeping at home or you might be raped T__T
      Take care! xoxo

    3. Agrees. Apparently wen my hse were broken in, the burglars had a butcher knife with them. Lucky no one at home. Thank god you're safe, no joke! Just yst or smtg a newscame out, a woman was online at home 2nd floor, she heard noises thinking it was nxt door. Wen she went down...tv were stolen d. Burglars these days....sigh

    4. TheJessicat : I sometimes wished i was home during that time at least I could have scare off the guy or make him fall from the 13th floor :-/

  5. At least you are fine. those police, i had similar experience, that I saw them typing my written out on paper report with one finger, one character follow by another.. seriously waste of time.. I spent like 1hours too to report a lost wallet wtf.

    1. I know right!! Even me who types with two fingers can type faster than them ~_~ wtf...

  6. Hi Arisa!! It's Stephanie Yukino here. ><
    I hope you're doing okay now. Sorry about what happened to you. ;__;
    Malaysian Police are "brilliant", as always.

    1. I'm fine Yukino :) Thanks for asking!
      Yea.. I'm lost of words when it comes to them lol

  7. sorry to hear that.. sucks to live in malaysia nowadays.. hmm. Just glad you're safe nevertheless.

    1. Thanks Isaac :) yea,hope i can get a job overseas next time :P

  8. Damn I know how you feel! To be in stress and also having this kind of incident happened! Last year my condo room also got broke in and all my valuables, money are stolen. But I don't even go to police d. I had somehow lost faith in them bcoz that is the 3rd time I am facing burglary in the past few years (and really pissed that the police never took these cases seriously). Even when my mom and brother facing the thieves just by themselves and they called the police. They never came! Seriously? It's life and danger we are talking here! After that, me, grandma and the rest rushed to my mom while the thieves are gone coz my mom is knocking down stuffs to make huge noises and scared them away. We called the polices again and they said they just wanted to start driving. Seriously WTF. What have the whole balai been doing in this one hour?! We are pissed that we told them not to come and the police then replied "thank you thank you" happily. Oh god why I can't brain this.
    Anyway this shows that the crime rate is increasing rapidly and also how useless Malaysian polices are. Do be extra careful especially for a girl like you. Take care!

    Chia Yi.

    1. WTF wei..In conclusion Malaysian POLICEMEN ARE PURE USELESS IDIOTS. I also don't know what else to describe them liao :-/
      thanks and you take care too dear!:)

  9. I'm glad you're fine Arisa. I agree that the material stuff can be replaced, its the data lost that gets to me too. I have had an unfortunate incident at the second day of this new year. My phone was snatched from me(Samsung s3). Sad thing was that it's due to my naivety. I practically gave my phone to the thief. I think the thief's a malaysian chinese. He spoke Cantonese. Must be desperate for money since CNY is near >_> Anyway, take care of yourself dear. A quote for you and me to remember. =)

    "No need for revenge. Just sit back and wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves and if you're lucky, God will let you watch." -Unknown

    Hugs from me to you,
    Jasmine C.(the girl who cosplayed Kurenai Maria with you as Shizuka)

    1. Hey Jasmine!
      How are you? it's been ages since i last saw you! >.< Thank god at least the guy didnt hurt you with a knife. Sigh, we are not living in a 2nd world country la from all our crime rates :-/ it's equivalent to a 3rd world country dy.
      I'll drink to that quote.
      *hugs back* you take care too babe!

  10. Hey Lisa, Michele here.Ok, I dont think you remember me on first instance,haha..But thats ok.Even though u seem alright now,just wanna give u a *hug*.
    And..God loves u.
    Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.=)

    1. Hi Michele,
      haha of course remember you la :P
      thanks dear!

  11. Hope you are coping well now, Lisa! You are the second blogger whom I read about that got robbed end of the last year! (Bangsar Babe too lost her laptop, ipad n iphone if I am not mistaken) Your cursing is justified. I feel your pain of loosing your photos and docs because those are just irreplaceable. Karmic justice will one day punish the robbers by fully paralyzing them from a 13th storey fall because death will be too kind. Also Malaysian police are useless f*cktards with no empathy whatsoever. Thank god you were surrounded by caring family and friends in your time of need.
    Anyway, do take care ya :D

    1. Thanks Tania, amen. Hope Karma gets back to those who have wronged the innocent :-/
      You take care too dear! One can never be too safe within their own 4 walls now :(

  12. Thank God you're still doing fine, Lisa. After reading your rage, I feel you. Its like all those hard work of datas and all are gone in just a second. But don't be too dismay because I believe you will gain back twice than what you loss. And not to mention that your supportive friends and family are always there for you.

    Malaysian police are just plain idiots who lives on nothing more than bribery. Basically they couldn't even care about the citizen's safety, what not the rising crimes at an alarming rate in Malaysia?

    Above all, I hope you're doing fine and those bastards will receive their punishment. Karma will kick their balls and they'll know the meaning of sterile lolol.

    With love,
    Hui Ying.

    Hope you remember me because I remember you well back in SMK :)

    1. Thanks love :-*

      I'm doing fine and coping well. Hope you are too! :-)
      How not to remember my dear junior? :-P And one of the fastest runner in rumah hiaju! Miss you tons, hope we can catch up soon <3

      Take care!


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