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Shopping with Zalora.com

First post of 2013 ~XD 
And the topic is about shopping XD Here I present to you my Christmas present and latest addition to my shoe family :-P

To be honest this is my first time shopping at http://www.zalora.com.my/ . On their website states by signing up, first timers are entitled to a RM20 voucher (only valid with minimal RM80 purchase this wasn't stated until you check out -_-;; swt) When the website first went viral, you see tons of advertisements on every single website you open lol I decided to sign up and check out the stuff they had to offer.

There wasn't much choices, but tons of stuffs were added in over the months, pricing wise wasn't budget friendly for students in my opinion. There are tons of branded stuff there and I can only afford the ones that are on sale! >.<

Didn't bother to shop at zalora after the first time they issued me a invalid coupon code (can't be bothered to complain as well) until recently my sister told me about their Free, Fast & Reliable Delivery service. So i decided to use my other email to sign up for the voucher again and AGAIN same problem =_= voucher issued not valid. WTF. One time is okay..but twice? Something must be VERY wrong with their system, so contacted (called and emailed) their customer service and took them about 2-3 days to get back to me. Okay, voucher problem settled. Next worry was the item i wanted was running low on stock and sizes >.<

I've been looking a pair of nude high heels since my last one broke earlier 2012, yes been searching for a whole year @_@ Nude heels are like the hardest to find =_= and when you do come across them, they will cost you a pair of arms and a pair of legs (literally)
From my experience, nude heels ranging from minimal RM300- RM600. By just looking at the price tag it is enough to make you cry blood lol, the price we girls pay for fashion  T_T

Love at first sight and It's 5 inches too ♥ They only have size 8, which was half an inch bigger than my normal shoe size (I'm a size 7) but after RM20 discount and paying only RM79? Heck the sizing, don't think I'll ever be able to come across such a good deal again lol anyway half an inch can be solved by inserting a gel sole padding at the front :-D

I ordered it on Christmas day, 25th December (It's a lil reward for myself since i haven't gotten anything for myself for Christmas) and it arrived at my mom's house 2 days later, on the 27th December. That was really fast and efficient O_O
Packaging was REALLY good, came with an extra box to protect the original shoe box and here is my review :

Good quality thick box (reusable too =w=b)

They use GDEX as their courier service, that explains why their delivery is reliable and fast / notbad.jpeg

Inside the box contains the box of shoes and a return slip in case of and defects or damages, awesome part is it is valid for 30 days (from date of delivery) :-)  

Box came in a very good condition, no visible damages nor dents, the moment that I've been waiting for~ FINALLY!!! T^T Thank you Zalora!

Say hello to my sexy nude heels ;-) Wondering what's with my obsession for nude colored shoes? 

1. It's easy to match- versatile 
2. Gives an illusion of long legs (no kidding)
3. Every girl needs a pair of nude colored heels in her shoe closet ♥ 

Overall aside from the voucher issue problem, I'm satisfied with their quality and service :-) Definitely a returning customer ♥ Thank you Zalora and Dolce Soles!

So girls, don't forget to sign up with Zalora and redeem your RM20 shopping voucher ;-)

Happy shopping for Chinese New Year! 


  1. pretty!! i like it but i can't walk in that heels.. huhu..

    1. haha can la dear XD practice makes perfect XD

  2. After reading your post, I think I need to find a pair of nude heels too (but of course not so high wan la i will die LOL)
    Their Christmas box is so pretty! :D I ordered once from Zalora and had some problems too, a bit of hassle but my items arrived at last after a week @@
    Anyway, Happy New Year! :D

    1. yes, they should really look into their system :-/ Pretty buggy. Glad your item came at least :D Happy New year to you too dearie <3

  3. Love heels but can't really walk in them. Plus my bff isn't much taller LOL

    1. hahaha, yea i torture myself with the heels :-P I can't wear high heels that are lower than 4 inches XD

  4. I love heels too but i can't hardly even walk on it >_<

    1. start with 2 inches first dearie :) then slowly go higher <3

  5. wow i can never wear such high heels!

    1. hehe, you must tell yourself "YOU CAN!" :D

  6. Homaigod !!! Nice ! i love your nude platform heels . And ... Im on waiting for my Dolce Soles too ! :) But mine is red :)

    1. Hope it arrives soon dear! :-) Woah! Smoking hot color <3

    2. Haha I hope so darling :D
      Nice to know your blog , btw :)

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