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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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BCL's BFF MakeUp workshop

Couldn't ask more than a relaxing and exciting weekend with my BFF at BCL's make up party last Saturday and they even invited a very renown make up artist from Japan's beauty industry, Hiroshi-san.

 Was super duper excited because at this party, we are one of the first bunch of girls that gets to test out BCL's newest product! It has something to do with 'momo' (peaches) and it's yet to be launched in Malaysian market yet.
Woohooo!!! This isn't just an ordinary blogger event, in fact it's actually open to public :D
So no excuse to say that you are not a beauty blogger hence you can't attend upcoming workshops by Mandom Malaysia!

Arrived early at the venue, so let us take a #selfie. Thank you so much for joining me April! Hope you had loads of fun experimenting with one of my favourite Japanese cosmetic brands. Shall poison you more with Japanese brands ohoho~

Always love how everything in Japan is revolved around attractive and beautiful things, especially their cosmetics because of their packaging! That is one thing i can't resists, if there is a compact powder that looks like a macaroon i will definitely buy it with a heart beat :P
BCL, please come out with a dessert inspired packaging for your products one day *puppy eyes* :D
I am pretty sure every single girl in this world would go 'gaga' over them like the most recent news about one of the cosmetic brands, Creer Beaute X Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. All their packaging is so pretty!

Hiroki-san is a man that doesn't need much introduction as he is quite well known for his works in the Japanese beauty industry, he has done make up for various of big magazines, celebrities and even IDOLS!  ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ
For someone as busy as Hiroki-san, he actually came down here to Malaysia for this workshop party which was only 1 day ( 2 sessions- 10.30am and 3pm) before he headed back to Japan. 
I feel so lucky to get some useful make up tips from him especially on how to achieve the trending Japanese Idol look (like the ones in AKB48) and the proper way to use BCL products to achieve the whole look.

Pretty simple, all you need is BCL products! 

 The most amazing discovery moment was when he described BCL's MakeUp Mania Data
Gradation Tip Shadow (comes in Light Brown & Bronze Brown) that can be used not only as an eyeshadow. It can be used also to colour in your eyebrows, eyeliner and even to shade in your eyebags to create/ enhance the famous "puffy eye-bag" make up. Don't laugh at it!
It's apparently very famous among Japanese and Korean girls these days to enhance their eyebags rather than hide them :)

Hiroki-sn and the BCL team refers MakeUp Mania Data Gradation Tip Shadow as the 'Magic Pen" (make sure to say it with a Japanese Accent ٩(^ᴗ^)۶)

Who says you need to enrol yourselves into expensive make up courses to learn the basics? This also proves you don't need so many products to achieve these 2 looks. 
 Hiroki-san used BCL's brand new compact powders- ClearLast Natural Cover Pact that comes in 2 colours :-

  • 01 Natural Ocher
  • 02 Light Ocher 

I also learnt a new trick from Hiroki-san, the difference between dabbing on the powder and swiping it creates two different kinds of effects.
To dab it on gently creates a matte finishing meanwhile, swiping it all over your face will create a shiny finishing instead.
Never knew that 0_0 how about you guys? Lol.
This new compact powder is available at Sasa Outlets, so you can get them easily :)

Left:  02 Light, Right : 01 Natural

Next on my wishlist! Combination of mascara and liquid eyeliner, the convenient design makes it easy to bring around for travelling and trust me the mascara is awesome. Tried it that day and it kept my lashes curled throughout the whole day (was out from 10am till 6pm++) 

Group Photo with the team!

 Overall, this was a really great party! Thank you so much BCL team, Mandom, and most of all  Manaoh!
Looking forward to our next exciting workshops near future. Any if you girls wanna join us for stuff like this next time, follow BCL on their official Facebook page. Over there you will get notifications on their next upcoming events/parties.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BclMalaysia
Website: http://www.bcl-company.jp/


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