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SPOTLIGHT in Malaysia!

The most talked about store in Kuala Lumpur finally here at Ampang Point Mall, been seeing so many sneak peaks ever sinced i followed them on their facebook page but particularly today they had their "Grand Opening" sale hence that explains the massive crowd today @_@
It's a huge mistake going today because i ended up being mashed up in the store like a pack of sardines and not to mention the INSANE queue for the cashier.

No regrets though, getting to at least browse around and familiarizing myself with the store layout.
Though i did not manage to purchase anything, in fact i actually had a whole basket full of items i wanted to buy but after seeing THIS. I changed my mind lolol, after one hour also i will be still queuing just to pay oTL


Everything a craft lover can ever ask for can be found her in Spotlight, it's like a one stop destination for them. It's not your ordinary craft store like the ones in Masjid India (KL) where they only specialize in haberdashery items, in Spotlight you can find materials like household items, event/ party materials, and many more.
  • Sewing & Needle Arts
  • Fabric
  • Home Decor
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen & Dining
  • Curtains & Blinds
  • Craft & Hobbies
Those who have been to Australia might be familiar with this store but for people like me who has never travelled out of this country before wouldn't know about this. If only more of this type of stores opened here in Malaysia making material sourcing much more convenient for us Malaysians.
I can foresee fashion designers and cosplayers will soon flock this store as it has almost every single thing we need. Like all those rare materials, special sewing equipments and beautiful fabric choices at affordable prices!

All sorts of faux fur are available here in different colours and designs (price ranges from RM69.90 per meter onwards)

Aren't they such a beauty?

I am seriously not kidding about the pricing, even without the current ongoing opening sale discounts i would pay full price for the items because the quality is well assured, you can feel and touch it unlike taking the risk of always buying wrong materials from taobao (China).
I really do hate it when that happens, colour is constantly off and when that happens you end up with extra unwanted fabric (waste money) and need to buy again.

Fabrics, not just only printed cotton. They also have felt, satin (bridal, costume & normal) velveteen, chiffons, crepe, Georgettes,  fleece, jersey, knits and lace fabrics (sold per meter).

For those who don't know how to sew, they do sell ready to make paper patterns of basic clothings in various of sizes like dress, skirts, tops and even costumes! Yes, COSTUMES!!!
I saw one that is specially for Disney princess characters lol. All you have to do is trace them over to the fabric, cut them out and sew them together.

A wide variety of trimmings, laces (both cotton and netting), ribbons..etc
There is like 3 isle filled with them, you can go on browsing for an hour or so just trying to decide which design to get lol, that's what happened to my mom.
Prices of laces ranges depending on design and material, there are too many so i can't really remember all of them lol.  
All shapes, size and gradient of colours, have your pick.

As i was walking around the store i actually managed to find some awesome materials for those who are planning to cosplay Disney's FROZEN, Queen Elsa :)
If i had the budget i would remake my costume for the 3rd time (yes i am insane lol wtf) because now i finally found the most suitable materials EVER here in Spotlight.

For Elsa dress, this fabric would be quite suitable as it is soft and shiny, it might appear abit thin but after sewing in a layer of inner lining (similar to a petticoat), it should be more than perfect already :-) And it's only RM36 per meter, that is way cheaper than my whole elsa costume which i had to use thick plain satin and layer it with glittery netting. Overall the most you would need is also 2.5 meters for her dress. 

As for her cape there is this beautiful fairy organza, that flows so gracefully that makes me want to break into tears of joy because it's just PERFECT for Elsa's cape. A big thank you to a friend who told me about this fabric (you know who you are ♥) :)
It's only RM13.99 per meter, talk about making your whole amazing Elsa costume for less than RM150! I spent a total of nearly RM500 on mine *sobs* T^T
You can read about my costume and make tutorials here:

Fake flowers that looks so real, even fooled me for a second! Makes very good props for photoshoots :-P Selected flowers are going 50% off their original prices.

Tons of face paints (hallelujah!) Finally can do more transformation tutorial :)
More things to add to my shopping list lol.

Ready made costume (for kids and adults)

basic party wigs priced at RM49.90. Great place to get your wigs for last minute cosplays plans if your wig doest arrive from china on time :-P

As for mothers, people, party organizers who throws special themed birthday/ events you can get some decorative baking supplies from here too, talk about making your loved one's celebration a memorable one.

Those who likes baking, you can easily find baking utensils in the isle before the cashier (near their exit area), looks like they have really interesting shapes. Makes me wanna tryout baking too lol but unfortunately that is not a talent/ skill i have as i am a real life Akane Tendo (Ranma 1/2). But i have super duper talented girlfriends who can bake awesome yummy cakes, at least i know what to get them for their birthday/ christmas dy lolol.
Hohoho~me and my skull (skeleton) fetish.

My personal wishlist :

(can someone please sponsor me to buy fabric lol/ shameless 8D)

Such beauty *A* costs RM60 per meter though *ouch* but im so gonna buy this!

I saw how this works, like cutting pizza but this one is for fabric!
Super duper sharp and accurate finishing, just what i need :D

If only Spotlight came to Malaysia last year, all the materials i needed for my graduation can be found here, lol. Yerrrrrrrrr...why you do this????? /flips table

Okay, hope this blogpost is super helpful for you cosplayers :) If you have any questions just drop me a comment below, i'll try my best to reply them. As i will be going there for a second visit very soon :D

Spotlight Ampang Point
Ampang Point Shopping Centre
2nd Floor, Jalan Mamanda 3
Ampang, Selangor, MY 68000

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Spotlightstores
Website: http://spotlight.com.my/

 Here, have a cheerful and playful Australian saxophone player lol



  1. looks like a lot of items for grab :P


  2. MY GOD
    The day I went was still empty like OML. LITERALLY ONLY A FEW PEOPLE WERE THERE.
    And I'm so glad there's this kind of store here now, it's so much easier to source items now!

    1. YES! and i heard after 2pm that day everyone had to queue up to go in :/

  3. I went crazy shopping for fabrics and patterns and also got birch rotarty cutter. This olace ia a dream come true for any sewista / crafter . Made frozen dress last month for ky daughter and it cost 220 bucks abd I searched for fabrics and trims for 3 days all around kl. Wish spotlight opening a month back..I got the same feeling when I saw those elsa suitable fabrics in spotlight ...

    1. Cool! care to share a picture of ur lovely daughter? :D maybe we can take photos together someday.
      Same thing happened to me, searched 3 days straight but there wasn't much choices :(
      Yes, couldn't agree more! If only they opened here in Malaysia earlier. Now i have to stop myself from splurging at spotlight lolol.

  4. Is any Disney costumes available at spotlight?

    1. Hi peace V,

      yes there are! You want Frozen (Elsa/ Anna), little mermaid, cinderella..etc it's all there in spotlight :) their newest store launching soon in Ikano (2nd Floor) @ 14th March 2015


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