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[Review] Yves Rocher France: Comme Une Evidence

Phew..time has really flown by and it's already been 2 months since i started working in my new company :)
Can't say that i don't miss blogging in fact i do, very much. The freedom of time do do things and attend various of events during weekdays but then back to reality can't make a living doing that only no? Well, I wish i could! LOL. Maybe someday i can blog and cosplay for a living :-P

I am trying to expand my knowledge in various beauty products instead of just cosmetics so that my blog doesn't get too boring just talking about the same stuff over and over again. Needs refreshing from time to time too and this time a renown beauty brand from France have given me an opportunity to review their latest fragrance range that as just been released last month.
Also known as the creator of Botanical Beauty since 1959, Yves Rocher France has been known for producing a wide range of cosmetic products, body care, skin care & fragrances allowing us girls to be beautiful at the same time be one with nature.

This particular perfume  i am reviewing today isn't just an ordinary one as it has involved over the years since 2004 :)
I personally haven't tested this particular brand before nor own any of their products because it's beyond my usual beauty budget but to think of it now since i am working, i can now explore abit more :-P

Comme Une Evidence release for 2014 is another milestone for Yves Rocher France in 10 years of their successful perfume collection since 2004. Inspired by the delicate beauty of and fullness of a Damascus Rose infused together with Jasmine which makes this sensual scent suitable for floral heart (like me!).
Even for a person with sensitive nose like me who is not so fond of perfume because of their strong scent but Comme Une Evidence has proven itself to be strong yet mild at the same time making it suitable for people like me.

Sounds pretty confusing eh?
Smells strong upon first spray but it gradually fades leaving a lovely floral scent that lingers throughout the whole day, it's like having my room filled with fresh flowers (reminds me of a pretty English Garden like in the story by Lewis Carroll, "Alice in Wonderland")

It's always nice to receive packages that are packed carefully with love! (´∀`)♡
Thank you so much to a special person who sent me this and making sure it arrived safely to me (more like my friend's office because i don't have an office lol sorry JC for forwarding all my mail to your office!) 

So if you have any girlfriends/ relatives who love floral scents, you can try getting them this fragrance instead and hope the picture above gives you guys some inspiration on how to package a gift to make it look super exclusive lol :-P 
Not forgetting to mention when i was a 1 Utama this week, i saw Yves Rocher stores are having some crazy sales up to 70% off on their items, it applies to all Yves Rocher stores in klang valley if i am not mistaken. Better seize this opportunity before it's too late.

More details on their products and outlets nearest to you, can be found on their official facebook page and website :)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyYvesRocher
Website: www.yvesrocher.com.my



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