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New Hairstyle by Miko Galere

Sneak peek last weekend ♥

It's been ages since i last had a haircut and it's about time because my unruly hair just looks.....UGHH.... (why don't you try to find a word to describe my awful overgrown hair). This time instead of visiting my usual hairstylist at The Loft Hairdressing like last year as you have seen in my previous blogposts: http://bit.ly/1rPJ4LZ

Miko Galare is also one of the well known local leading hair saloons in town, contributing to numerous fashion spreads and so on. Most recent one was the KL Fashion Week (KLFW'14) that was held in Pavilion last month, so happened the outlet i visited was also the pavilion one  :D

They have currently 8 outlets over klang valley and a little bird has told me there will be more coming soon before the year is up (yay!) Can't wait for that :D
You read right, soon Miko Galere is coming to you instead.

As usual, i have been pondering for some time whether to go a lighter shade or not but till now i still can't decide, damn you fickle mind!
Upon arriving at the saloon for my appointment, best to to make an appointment before dropping by because business is booming so their stylists are constantly busy with their regulars/ walk in-s especially in Pavilion area.

Those who stalk me on intsagram (@Arisa_Chow) would have seen my live updates.
Honestly, i was planning to let my hair grow out longer before trimming it but it got a little too annoying especially the fringe area. I have no problem with the hair shape (just the length) as my previous hairstylist did a great job in cutting it :)

I walked in and sat down with no idea of how i would want to do my hair (seriously, no idea at all)which was kinda normal lolol. Usually i would leave everything to the stylist from cut till colour because they are the experts no? Anyway, i have the uttermost confidence in their skills as people would have in my designing and sewing :)
Why else would they take this specific course if they were to be underestimated by everyone? Lol #HumanLogicMakesNoSense

But thanks to my lovely hairstylist Lisa Nadia (same name too lol) who was super friendly and awesome, she suggested me a hairstyle that would suit my face shape. Not to mention the hair colour consultation we had which took quite some time because neither of us could decide lolol. 

Yes with my current hair it would look good as platinum silvery blonde and plain pitch black would too. Of all colours you would be wondering why blonde eh? To me it gives out a little more, "High Fashion" (i dunno?) look lol. As for black it goes for the classic flapper style era. anyway since my hairstyle already resembles it.

The only downside about going lighter tones is the touch up that you would have to do every fortnight to maintain if not your roots will be sticking out like a sore eye :-/
Unless you are dating or married to a hairstylist (like Cheesie) i don't think anyone in the right kind would have the time to get their hair done weekly lolol. I always love her exciting hair colours, makes me wish i have long hair too so i can try them out *sobs*.

One thing i always like about saloons is their comfortable environment and friendly staffs, i mean you are gonna be there for like more than an hour (sometimes up to 6-8 hours also got lol) especially if you are dyeing or going for more sophisticated hair services. My stylist was indeed superb! She kept me company while she was doing my hair, some places i have encountered why stylists kept pretty quiet throughout the whole time which made me super bored hence i started to go 'fishisng' (sleeping, with my head bobbing up and down lol) because of language barrier :-( I know my chinese sucks in general but at least i try to understand no? TT__TT

End result of my amazing hair transformation, no colour just a simple hair cut and digital perm for styling purposes. I love it so much i ended up camwhoring the whole day from Pavilion → KLCC  → Lrt Station  → Home. Vain, yes I AM! HAHAHA!

Next time if you are looking for a new hairstylist to give you a fresh look, try out Miko Galere and trust me you won't be disappointed. Their rates are super affordable, range depends on hairstylist (senior to director)for their services.
If you are heading to the pavilion branch, try requesting for my stylist Lisa Nadia and trust me she is a great company.
For more updates, please follow them on their official facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mikohairstudio/timeline

Book you appointments today :


Lot 6.07.00, Level 6, 
Pavilion KL, 168, 
Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 K.L
Tel : 603-2141 4746
Email info@mikohairstudio.com.my
Website http://www.mikohairstudio.com.my

Bonus to those who are currently reading this, Miko Galere is offering a FREE treatment with a simple step :D
All you need to do is take a #selfie.
More details here: http://on.fb.me/1kCgAOc

Easy way to get yourself a FREE treatment from us with NO T&C
1. Visit any miko outlet and check in
2. Selfie at shop front with creative way , upload &#mikohairstudio
3. PM us after 1 & 2 steps to get a free treatment voucher from us.



  1. Free treatment! Kinda strange though because that would mean I would have to make two trips just to get it. First time just to take photo then wait for them to acknowledge it =/

  2. Oh their Facebook states that we need to have purchased a service first. Nehmind lol

  3. hey u like your hairstyle! very into trend! :)


  4. haven't met you for some time d.. wonder how this hairstyle look like in person leh!


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