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[Review] Matte and Sharp with Maybelline

Two of Maybelline's most promising keywords for their latest range of products which is the White Superfresh long lasting UV cake powder and their Ultimate signature Hypersharp liner!
Basically spent the whole weekend writing reviews lol but at least it takes my mind off work for a while :-)

A very familiar drugstore brand that everyone loves (especially cosplayers aside from SilkyGirl and The Collection) because it's budget friendly and widely available at all pharmacies like Watsons and Guardian Pharmacy..etc.

Getting to try out this 2 new products before it hit the shelves earlier this month, which was like a few days ago lol i was indeed left in awe that they have improved alot since their last edition. It might not seem new to those who have been using Maybelline products for years. It's not just about the packaging but also an improved formula especially the eyeliner brush which is finer and much easier to control than the previous brush.

I've been using this eyeliner to work for almost a week now as part of the test run, so far no smudges, easy to apply even if you are not confident in using liquid liners. The length of the brush is just right, make drawing easy and PRECISE. I never was able to draw a super fine line near my lids before with all my eyeliners hence it always end up with my trademark cat eye look.
For once its nice to look fresh without having a heavy line over your lids. People would say, might as well don't draw at all right?
But they are seriously WRONG!
Even a thin line makes a huge difference on your eyes and overall look.

It comes in 3 colours :
  • Intense Black 
  • Soft Black
  • Brown

Currently reviewing Hypersharp Liner in Brown.

As for their White Superfresh long lasting UV cake powder is another product that has made it into my 'MUST HAVE' list. 
Before i start, you all would have known by now i have a combination oily skin (only T-Zone area) and occasional dry skin problems (flaking) but so far my skin has been quite well behaved all thanks to Lancôme Advanced Génifique serum.

The only problem i have with sponges are usually if their white in colour :-P
Because it makes it look as it it's dirty after 1 usage. 

The miracle compact powder really lives up to it's given tagline "No More Touch Up", their new formula easily creates a fresh matte finishing and even prevents your skin from oily after a whole day of usage.
Even taken photos of it after a whole day running around town looking for fabric (super hot and humid la Malaysia!)

Logically, i won't usually go out with full make up if i am running errands because, i am worried of my make up melting halfway and trust me that is not a pleasant sight to behold, in fact it's SCARY lol. But earlier that morning i was taking photos for another review: http://www.arisachow.com/2014/07/review-yves-rocher-france-comme-une.html

It's photo ready all right! No weird skin patches despite not even using any concealer, just foundation and White Superfresh long lasting UV cake powder is enough to achieve such a flawless look,

Real picture taken on the same day before i left the house and while i was waiting at train station on the way home. 

After all that sweating, i was kinda surprised that my make up still maintained since i left the house, amazing or what? 
Overall it's a good product to try is you have a hectic lifestyle like me who leaves the house with full make up but barely have time to touch up throughout the whole day. You will be surprised to find that your make up doesn't "melt" like the usual facepowders you have, hence "MATTE" finishing.
It's texture easily balances out uneven skin tone, giving you a fair even skin tone.
Affordably priced like all their items which makes it an extra bonus especially those who are on a student budget, they are also currently having a 20% discount on selected items.

More details and latest updates please do visit them on their official facebook page:


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