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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Tokyo Luxey Lunch Gathering in Malaysia

This is the first time i get to meet such an important client from Japan, Chie-san who is the managing director of Tokyo Luxey itself! Thank you so much for inviting me as one of the beuty bloggers to attend this lunch session with you Chie-san. It's amazing to know how efficient Japanese people work, never ceased to amaze me :) 
Though Chie-san and Hiromi-san arrived in KL from their flight in Singapore on the same day, they rushed all the way to the venue just in time for the lunch meeting even though they have informed us there was an unexpected flight delay.

Japanese people are always so polite and well groomed, really envy their awesome culture and living lifestyle. Hopefully some day i'll get to visit the land of the rising sun myself (or even move there :P)
When i first received this invite to be a Tokyo Luxey member, without hesitation i instantly signed up because i would definitely like to be more involved with the Japanese beauty and fashion scene. It has always been my passion as i idolized all those trendy pretty girls that appears on their fashion/beauty magazine. I admire how they dress to go out, really shows their individuality and personality meanwhile if you were to doll up and go out, you will just get unwanted attention from weirdoes *sigh* :-/

Chie-san explaining to us how the Tokyo Luxey ambassador program works.

Tokyo Luxe is actually a makeover TV series that is quite popular in Japan, now they are expanding to other regions of Asia. They specializes in beautifying girls of all ages with their beauty and make up tips by their professional make up artists which can be found on youtube too.

Yanagi-san, hopefully one day i get to work with you! Your work has been so inspirational to everyone in the beauty & fashion industry.

It's something similar to those Taiwanese reality TV shows where they always interview famous internet girls where they show them the process of "BEFORE" and "AFTER" photos with such drastic changes. But for Tokyo Luxey, it's all about natural beauty, you have to apply so many layers of powder and foundation just to achieve that super flawless look. It's all about using the right kind of cosmetic brands :)

Their main purpose of reaching out worldwide is because they are currently having an ambassador program where girls (and some guys lol) who share the same passion in beauty and personal well-being, get together to enjoy the great benefits of what Tokyo Luxe is offering in their ambassadorship program. Doesn't matter which part of the world you are from and reading this blogpost of mine right now, sign up and trust me you wouldn't regret a single bit :)

First time dining in Acme bar, KL :) their food is yummy! But at least i know one of the vegetables i will never learn to like is ginger >.<;;
Watermelon, apple and ginger juice doesnt go so well together lolol.

I may not be a local famous blogger like Cheesie or Audrey (famous mommy bloggers with cute babies to boot!) or anyone significant but i am really blessed to be apart of this program, thank you so much Tokyo Luxey for everything.
Looking forward for more collaborations near future.

Group photo with all the girls from Lunc session with Chie-san, credits to Hiromi-san for taking this picture, hope i get to catch up with you soon when you are not so busy :)

If you have a strong interest in beauty and lifestyle-related goods and information, active in social media such as blogging, instagram, facebook, twitter..etc,Values quality over price when making purchases involving beauty and lifestyle goods and most of all a Japanese brand lover (like Me)!
Then you have the characteristics Tokyo Luxey is looking for!
Read more of their benefits here: http://www.tokyoluxey.com/html/signup.html

To sign up as a Tokyo Luxe member click here: Tokyo Luxey SignUp

I get to try all the products specially used by Yanagi-san in the tutorial above! *shiawase max*

Last but not least, you won't miss out on their first ever beauty box which is valued up to USD200+ now only retailing for only USD32! That is a total steal!! This is what you get inside the box, products and brands of the highest quality carefully selected for us to try out.
People like me who always wish that i can travel to Japan one day to try out all their cosmetic brands (i have the uttermost faith in Japanese cosmetics ♥) but no money for travelling *sobs*

So settle for another alternative, get products sent over here to Malaysia instead 8D 
Genius right? Lol.

Can't wait to review all of them in detailed very soon, by this weekend (i hope), and maybe start making more make up video tutorials too. What say you guys? ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡

Website: http://www.tokyoluxey.com/
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Instagram: http://instagram.com/tokyoluxey
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/tokyoluxey



  1. make up tutorials would be useful especially for gals :)


    1. yes! :) a reality TV show on make up, just what we girls need!


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