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Tokyo Luxey Beauty Box Review -Part 1

おはよう みなさん!Been dying to post this up ever since i've first attended Tokyo Luxey's first Asia meeting here in Malaysia which was very fortunate to be one of the attendees as this is a very exclusive event opened to only to the first 20 luxey-members per session :D
Blogged about it over here: http://bit.ly/1o8m2J7

Starting first with face of course! But i am gonna slip this review into part 1 and 2 because there will be tons of photos :P Also cuz i have lots of things to write since i am so excited especially to review Japanese beauty products, been always a big fan of them and now i am actually getting to review them .

I am using Colour: Ocre No.1, suitable for medium fair skin Asians.

The products i've gotten are specially recommended and used by Yanagi-san, starting with the Evangelist Nobuto BB cream which apparently is their no.1 leading brand in Japan's cosmetic must have list by Cosme
For such a small bottle, yet this BB cream has covered all the basic beauty essentials suitable for all skin types (whether young or matured). Their formula has UV protection with SPF31/PA ++, Placenta and EGF.

Wondering what is EGF?
Known as Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)
EGF works like a boost factor for skin renewal by accelerating the cells renewal in the epidermis layer hence it helps prevent ageing and other ageing skin problems.

Blends in really smoothly leaving a silky like texture and abit of shimmer, like all Japanese cosmetic products they tend to add in a little shimmer to all their products.Gives the face a nice dewy and pearly finishing without it looking too matte. If you are not going for a heavy matte look, you might want to consider this as it's light, non sticky and natural looking suitable for an everyday look. 

As for their compact powder 24 hour Cosme, i love their cute packaging which makes it unique compare to most compact powders that i have bought here in Malaysia.
To me packaging plays a very important role in the market because it is attractive, and it would easily catches anyone's attention instantly!

101 Dalmations LOL, that is what comes to my mind whenever i see white an back spots.

Their extra smooth sponge is a real bonus! It's really fuwa fuwa (fluffy) and gentle on the skin.
This compact powder works as a powder + foundation (2 in 1), for a thicker and more concealed look just damped your sponge.  

But if you noticed this particular shade is slightly abit too dark for my skin shade, suitable for those with tan skin comes in 3 different shades.
The one i am currently reviewing is 03 (should be dark) but on the bright side i can use it as my shading powder (bronzer) which has a more natural shade compared to the usual bronzers and it's long lasting too.

 Created specially to withstand busy working people who needs total coverage that could last up to 24 hours, that is so me. Sad but true.
Working from 7am to 1am, most of the time i couldn't be bothered to even apply make up because it would just melt off by 3pm :-/
Now since i got to know this brand, might want to purchase it in shade 01 Fair :)
Anybody wanna join me? That is one of the cool benefits of being a Tokyo Luxey member, we can bring in original cosmetics from Japan and share the shipping cost together which is like a dream come true! :)

Moving on to the eyes, WOHOOOOOOOOOO! Fake lashes are one of my favourites short cuts whenever i feel super duper lazy to apply on mascara and especially the removing part as the waterproof ones require abit of patience to melt them before them fully come off lol.
Pros and cons of waterproof mascaras, gives long lasting good results but a real pain in the arse to remove.

This lashes is by KOJI, a brand that we girls are ver familiar with because they are the ones who created the famous Dolly Wink series!
I just love how they package all their items, it's just so princess-y and fairytale-like.
Everyone swears by their lashes (seriously) and believe it or not KOJI false lashes are one of the things that i have never tried before my entire life even though i am a Japanese brand fanatic >.<

Comes with a mini glue

It's super duper soft and comfortable, easy to use especially for those who are first timers :)
These aren't the full lashes so for those who just want to add a little "ommph" at the end of their lashes would find this a suitable selection.
This design is called 05 Doll Cat *meow~*
Gives you a very innocent, dolly look without being too over exaggerating like my usual "dolly" lashes that i wear with my wigs.

You can wear them out on a daily basis and no one would even noticed that they are actually glued on lashes thanks to their natural looking fibres which feels almost like my very own lashes. 

Stick them close to your lash line and i didn't even need to use mascara to blend the false lashes with my real ones. All i did was stuck them on and Viola~

After using Koji lashes, now i really want to try out the other designs >w< 
They are just super duper comfortable, and upon removal make sure to clean it gently with make up remover and a cotton bud. Then it's ready to be re-used up to 10 times or more with proper care and storage.

P/S: please ignore my messy background lol
As you can see it isn't really dramatic, not for editorial shoots or whatnots.
Comfort level: 9/10

Any of you girls currently using any of KOJI's false lash brands? :)
Stay tuned for part 2 girls~

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