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#Election2016 | Unpopular Opinion

Gonna brace myself with all the flamethrowers all over the world for posting this, but i just have to despite contemplating whether i should just keep quiet about it and ignore but what's trending on my timeline since yesterday isn't helping the situation lol and we are free to say whatever we want as Malaysians (except anything involving ah jib lar, that one can get you thrown into jail man) la, so i am first of all gonna say a quiet prayer for my dear American friends and family members who are currently working/ studying there. Godspeed guys.

I don't usually comment on political stuff because i can't be bothered, yea some of you would immediately judge me (yea, "GODS" wannabes) for being an irresponsible person who doesn't care about the world or my own country. But let me get this straight, I do not owe the world anything nor does the world owes me and same goes to my country. The only person i owe my life to is my mom, enough said.
And grammar Nazis, please go away.
Let me rant/ voice out in peace, go find something else to do like flush your 2 cents down the toilet bowl because it's not needed here now or go create your own keyboard warrior page.

Everyone has their own opinions, so if you don't like what you are reading then kindly close the tab, deleted/ block that person just because you think they are not at the same mentality level as thou art holier than thou.  Simple as that.
Don't start a debate over something that you obviously can't win because we think what we want to think and say what we want to say, you can't control other people's thoughts and opinions.
Ever heard of this term called "To agree To disagree" 
So if you are sincerely disappointed of having such friends who don't agree with your views, then if it pleases your childish mentality please remove them ok? Don't go start a Facebook status war just to feed your ego problems and QUIT SPAMMING OTHER PEOPLE'S STATUS!

But really Malaysians, you guys literally went ape shit (no offence to Harambe and no pun intended here) when the results of #Election2016 was announced earlier today making it sound as if Donald has just replaced Najib or something. Guys, seriously CHILL.
If he did, that would be cool! The first white dude to run Malaysia and yay to more racism here, because we are not racist enough already and yes, that's sarcasm for those who needed me to point it out.

For all you who weren't so politically driven before this and suddenly seem to be experts in this topic thanks to #Election2016, come i clap for you for achieving a new skill in just a couple of hours.
Make sure to use it on our next Malaysian #GE14 election ok? 😁

Yes, it might affect global economy, create more racism/ sexism (nothing new), and the list just goes on but with you allowing Donald's win affect they way you debate and think till the point of creating heated arguments among yourselves just proves how effective and influential Donald is already
Yes people, you let the devil in without even realizing it so wake up. 
Take a damn cold shower, have some hot cocoa or baileys and think of ways on how you can now work together as responsible citizens (not as Americans alone but a global citizen) to fix the shit some useless people have created. 

Makes me wonder why waste those extra votes on dead Harambe, if that ape was alive then it's worth it because neither candidates- Trump or Clinton are actually fit to be even up there.
How i miss Obama already, he might not have been the perfect president (heck who is?) but at least throughout those 8 years he has proven himself to be the man of the job despite his human flaws and all. 

Humans are all corrupted, unless you are Jesus.
Not God ya because God has asked his worshipers to kill people/ children in the Bible just to test their faith in him lol, while Jesus was just there to heal and preach before God decided he should be sacrificed #WoeIsHim

I am not going to get into facts here because you guys can google all the shits both US candidates has done to not even deserved to be voted up there. One might have everything all out in an open book where-as the other needs to do a lil digging but both of them added together they are nothing but selfish power driven bigots just like every other politicians in the world/ history. You think they care about the country's or the people's interests?
Heck, they only care about things that benefits them just like everyone else, sorry la we humans are sadly created this way unless you have decided to be a monk and forsake all humanly traits to be one with God. *Zen mode on*

But time to face the fact, what's done is done. Majority idiots decided that a sexist and racist fella should run the country because of his business ideals and not a grandma, there is nothing we can do unless this election was a WORLD vote. The Americans have decided themselves, so let them have a taste of their own bitter (literally) victory before this toxicity starts spreading to other parts of the world. One thing about politics, we are usually forced to choose between "bad or worst" (not good or bad lol), same position how we were put during our previous election (#GE13), either a money leech or a butthurt (literally) dude who's there for revenge. And our people (well..don't blame immigrants and blackout magic trick la) choose the leech instead and as a result moaning and groaning for the past 3 years with no country progress at all except having cost increased on everything. All those propaganda politician use to convince citizens to vote for them are just bullsh*t because in reality it all goes back to "self interest" and nothing more.

So start preparing for world war 3 like everyone has predicted, if it wasn't the North Koreans to initiate it, then it's gonna be that Donald Quack.
For better or for worse, just DEAL WITH IT not argue over who's fault is it in the first place. If arguing could solve the problem and turn back time then by all means please continue and ignore me.

Now let the memes flood our timelines.


Chill and walk away, go do something beneficial and enjoyable with what's left of your life before the great misery starts sowing.


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