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Fashion | PAZZION Malaysia - West Coming to KL

If you guys are reading this then you would know this is a scheduled post lol, as i am on my break right now so my blog is gonna be filled with cobwebs by the time i am active again haha! But do follow me on Instagram or my Facebook account (both are linked) for daily updates ob my new life and gotta say it isn't easy to get 2 hours on peace to sit down for blogging before lil parasite is up again for a feeding session.

Prior before giving birth i was actively looking around for cute baby and mommy coordinates because which mom wouldn't want their mini me princess to look as fashionable as them especially when their mom is a fashion designer and stylist (me, duh!) :-P
There isn't much choices really, more for kids only but barely any of them have a matching coordinate for the parent unless it's a T-shirt (like those typical couple shirts) which looks so unappealing in my opinion la lol. Yea, many ask me to come out with my own fashion line for maternity and baby clothes but really it's harder than it seems when you gotta focus on you baby 24/7 to be even thinking on where to start with this new project lol.

I'll definitely tap into this field, just slowly for now as i got alot of things that never seems to be able to get done at this point of time lel life of a new mom. Really makes me wonder how do some people do it sometimes like my mom who is a great example.

First of all when it comes to fashion, the first thing i would EYE are SHOES, because girls can never have enough of them, call us a centipede or millipede but heck shoes is life! 
Especially finding fashionable YET comfortable ones can be quite a feat most of the time, and the saying goes "beauty has a price, which is PAIN" but i honestly chose not to believe that because i am sure there is a brand out there who caters to people like us who basically just want to look good without compromising comfort.

That's when i was introduced of this shoe brand called PAZZION that's opening their first flagship store in Pavilion next month (December) which i can't wait to check them out once i am out of confinement!
They are not a local brand but an international one and i heard its quite famous in other countries like Singapore, Brunei, Japan, Thailand,Russia, South Korea, and Vietnam.

First dibs on this pair!

Known for their stylish designs, great workmanship and above all comfort, this is definitely one of the shoes brands i might consider getting a pair for myself and lil parasite to use during our travels.
I fell in love with their mother and daughter pairing flat range which comes in 3 colors- black, white and pink!
Not everyday you get to fall in love at first sight or find a decently priced mother and daughter pairing for clothes and shoes.

Being able to see and feel the quality of these shoes with my very own eye, gotta say i am blown away by it but i would need to wear them before agreeing on the comfort claim as i have extra sensitive skin around my feet which gives me blisters all over even with the most comfortable shoe brand in the market.
Whenever people mention about comfortable shoes the first impression that comes to their minds are those heavily cushioned flats (with fancy names like memory foam) used by aunties or elderlies which i do not blame them because that's a fact sadly. But now with this brand available in Malaysia, i am glad it gives fashionistas like me access to pretty and comfortable shoes.

Isn't this just precious?
It won't fit lil parasite now but probably can keep till she's much older like 2-3 years old, hope it's hold up in the storage that long haha.

For those of you who are excited and can't wait to get your hands on these fashionable babies to feed your shoes addiction collection, you can get them online first!
Their official west Malaysia website was just launched earlier this month, so if you are from other states around west malaysia and would like to make a purchase you can now do so here: www.pazzion.com.my
However i do apologize to my friends in the East (Sabah/ Sarawak) as this website only sends to West Malaysia but however you can get your PAZZION shoes from the East Malaysia website.
Don't get confused as both EM & WM are handled by 2 different companies.

Price might seem slightly steep to some but from what i've evaluated with my very own eyes and hands, their craftsmanship and materials used for each shoe is well worth it. Also i've heard from friends who used this brand before say that it lasts long too (tahan lasak).
That's something i like to hear because most of my fancy shoes lasts only a couple of months or maximum a year before parts starts to fall off because i walk in them too much :-/

What's your style?
Are you the comfy flats kind of gal or the sporty one or the city chic?

Not sure if it's signs of ageing, but somehow the flats looks more appealing to me these days compared to high heels lol! Well if i am gonna be carrying around a 3kg baby everywhere then i would most definitely need to invest in a good pair of comfy shoes that's not gonna make me take them off after 5 minutes and fling it into the bin lol.

So for all you shoe fanatics (don't worry, i'm proud to be one of them too) make sure to follow PAZZION on Facebook to get an update on their official store launch as i'll be there too if everything is well on my side after my recovery :)
See you guys there!


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