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A Surprise

Beneath the dark clouds there is always a silver lining... Think I've just encounter one 2 days ago:-)
Received an SMS from my classmate that a few of us from Tunku Abdul Rahman College, got our garments displayed at Times Square for Diesel Jeans competition!
That was good news for all of us! >w<
We are not sure whether it is for finalist or whatsoever, but we are all so overjoyed to see it being displayed in public :-)

3 designs from TARC

If you guys are in Times Square do drop by to take a look :-)
Go in from the main entrance, if you are standing outside (i think it should be ground floor) turn to your left and walk straight the diesel jeans are having their roadshow there (behind the lifts, it's facing F.O.S)

And please, please do reserve your weekend to drop by Times Square!
I just need 5 minutes of your time to vote for me >//////<
Sorry for asking too much LOL
I'm not forcing you guys, but if you think my design deserves your vote, by all means please cast for me :-)
Every vote from the public means alot to me *bows* m(_ _)m

This Friday (10 Aug 2012) the roadshow displays will move to the boulevard area (outdoors) directly outside of Times Square Main Entrance.

This is the boulevard area (sorry this is the best picture i could find of the place >.<)

Voting period:
Friday - Sunday 
(10 - 12 August 2012)

Voting Location :
Berjaya Times Square, the boulevard

Time :
10am - 10pm

My design,

By : 
Lisa Chow (Tunku Abdul Rahman College)

A millions of thank you everyone!
I am forever grateful to have you guys. 
m(_ _)m 





Justin YSS said...

Congrats! Will be around the area as well definitely will have a look and vote :) Good luck!

Arisa said...

Thanks for all the support Justin ;) <3

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