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De Jouer Lauching ♥

Yes, now the comfort of shopping from home has extended to lingerie! :-D
Last week, I was invited to attend the launching of DeJouer.com, that was held a THE VENUE, Pavilion and I swear to god I felt so under dressed for the event so no pictures of me that night :-P For a moment i thought it was just a normal shop launching, really didn't expect them to hold this event in a mini club lol /paiseh sial >.<

What is De Jouer?
De Jouer is a French word meaning "To Play", their website features a new collection of  high quality inner wear specially for Malaysian women and it is also the first ever affordably priced lingerie online specially catered to the mid market~ priced range starts from RM30 -RM100 *woots* Not only they carry lingerie they also have apparels and accessories too! More to come, so stay tuned *winks* ;-)

They also have a 14 day exchange policy (for bra's only) in case you girls change your minds. And second delivery is FREE for west Malaysia customers! :D *Yay!*
Check out their website here : http://www.dejouer.com/

Okay, back to the event (`・ω・´)” They had hot models clad in playful lingerie walking down the runway, oh! Just look at their yummy body..really something to die for *drools*

Caught a few of them preparing backstage just right before the fashion show started *w*

Photo credits to suiyingk.com. Didn't really take much pictures that night because i had to rush back T_T

Woots! All the models during the finale ♥ Don't they look adorable :-P

Below are a few of their colorful and playful selection from their website♥  Want seductive and sexy? Just name it, DeJouer.com has it!

I'm so loving the colors and design ♥

There you have it, a new online shopping portal :3 Sorry for making you girls broke ♥ 
Tak apa, we sama-sama broke :D lols~

So do give their website  a visit today :  

Weeee~ The Pink stripped bear that me and Yukiko were going gaga about at the entrance of De Jouer Lauching, Finally got it as a door gift >w< #cutenessoverloaded *shiawase*

Good Night Peeps! 
(*^3^)/~☆ *flying kiss for you ya'll*




Uncle Lee said...

Hi, very interesting and colourful posting.....
And the girls or models sure look fantastic.
Looks like can smoke the credit cards from home now.
Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.

Arisa said...

Thanks! :)

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