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[ADV] Day Out with AliceWonders.com!

Hope you had a great long weekend everyone :-) And wishing all my Hindu friends Happy Thaipusam!
I'm still hearing fireworks going off near my condo lols, guess I won't be sleeping early tonight >.<
Went for an lunch outing with a few close friends, best time to catch up with each other when roads are frigging empty. Bwhahahah!
Thanks for taking the time to meet up Hermes & Kuzu!
Look who I'm featuring today? ;-) *winks* It's none other than Sweet pink baby!

Laid back Sunday outing #OOTD with my 2nd bag (Baby) from AliceWonders.com! ♥
Love the sweet pink color and bow finishing!

Forever your Pink baby Bag : AliceWonders.com
Loose top : Colors
Hot pants: MNG (they are having sales now!)
Nude platforms : Forever21 (Yes, I'm abusing it lol)

AliceWonders is now having a CNY Red Rebate Promotion, RM8 OFF on all bags (code: Red888) and additional 8% OFF if you purchase bags that are Red, Pink and Orange!
Purchases up RM80 above are entitled for FREE SHIPPING.

When Baby first arrived, I couldn't help squealing for joy because she is just so pretty! *w*  Very sweet and demure color ♥ Love the bags from AliceWonders.com because the quality is top notch and their designs are quite versatile too! I don't need to wear a frilly lolita outfit just to match this bag (maybe i would one day lol :-P) Managed to easily paired it with my casual Sunday outfit and a long wig (too look more girly *troll*)

Isn't she a beauty? >w< ♥

So what are you waiting for? Get your chic bags @ www.AliceWonders.com today ;-)

If you need guidance for your shopping spree, I've made one here : http://bit.ly/11ZtkcB :-)




Yuh Jiun said...

Lov the sweet pink colour! :)


Why dont you wear your gorgeous Dolce Soles from Zalora. Hehe :)

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