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Behind the Scenes : Slice of Life Photoshoot

Lol, was cleaning up my blog's drafts when i noticed i haven't publish this up since early last year, I think this shoot was done in January or February 2012 XD A long forgotten post~ please excuse the chubby me (I won't say fat because I know everyone will say - WHERE GOT FAT? =.= )
oh lol you people (*≧m≦*) Time really flies and I'm still having a hard time adjusting to write the year "2013", it's always my hands will automatically write "2012" -_-lll

This is my first time working with Vince Khoo (a.k.a ShutterbugVK) the famous event photographer :-P I think I first met him back in 2011 at X-Top Model 2011 Finale. Thank you Vince and William for organizing this shoot :-) Had fun though it is one of the longest shoot I've ever done lol from 5pm till 2am +. 
And not to mention it was an honor getting to meet Dave Loh in person, love his style of photography! You may check them out on his profile : https://www.facebook.com/dave.loh.7/photos_albums

My talented make up artist, Viviane Tan 
If anyone wants to do bridal make up or any type of make up including body art you can contact her :-)

Selca while waiting~ flabby arms =_= yerrrrrr...

Some behind the scenes photos by Vince

I get to shoot in a bathtub full of bubbles :D weeee~~ Wasn't easy though.

Model: Arisa Chow
Make-up and Hair: Viviane Tan
Outfit: Model's Own
Accessories: Shinju Pearls of ChicGorgeous.com

Organized by :


Once again, thank you everyone for the fun and memorable shoot! :-)
Hope to work with you guys again in the future!




prince n princess mum said...

Nice shoot! Beautiful model.. :)

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