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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Aimer Tea Party with Ms Josephine Lui

Thank you Tammy for the invite! Attending this mini teatime seminar and finding the PERFECT push up bra was definitely worth the rushing down all the way from setapak >w<

FYI : Thou shall not scrooge on lingerie :D As they play an important part in shaping and maintaining your womanly figure ♥

Have you girls heard of the brand Aimer? This is my first time hearing of the the brand, as you all know i am a loyal La senza customer :D tehee~ but recently all my bras have become slightly loose (my usual size that i can only fit is 32B, can't go any smaller because my ribs are broad)..well not exactly slightly but my boobs don't even fill half the cup now lol results of fats dissolving away from my boobies *cries* D: Who want jadi sponsor for my bust enhancement? trolololol~ :D

The brand Aimer is originated from China (i know your warning lights are blinking but hold your horses babes :-P Doesn't mean made in China = low quality) this lingerie designs are based on the theme of love, beauty and elegance, and making waves with its sophistication and style, especially with its pastel-coloured Swarovski crystal-embedded lingerie (yes you read correct, SWAROVSKI) this inner wear makes you shine like a million dollar babe :-)

Most of their collections carries their trademark lacey designs, they do have normal simple ones for daily wear. Laces carefully selected from Europe to complete the look and not to mention their "breathable" bras that have air holes embedded on the back of the bra cups, how cool is that? :D

This talk by Ms Josephine Lui was very much informative, like how we should choose the proper inner garments to match our clothes and how to express your body language through colors and mood, she has also introduced us their latest collection which is the "Camibra" derive from the word "Camisole" and "bra". One and only unique creation in the whole line of lingerie brands. The camibra works by being a bra and a camisole at the same time.

Example : for deep plunging V neck clothes that we usually need to wear a tube to cover up, by using a camibra you need not wear a tube anymore :D less one uncomfortable clothing lol we humans get lazier and lazier every waking second lol:-P

 Every girl's dream is the hourglass body shape :3 Imma triangle /malunyerrrrr =////////=

 Aimer came to Malaysia (available in Singapore as well) about 2 years ago, but there are only 3 store in the whole peninsular Malaysia. Most visited branch is the one in One Utama (in parkson, ground floor), Sunway Pyramid and Gurney (Penang)

And I have to say their Aimer sale staff in One Utama are really good at what they do! One glance they actually know your size, i was kinda shock when the lady handed me a 32B while i was browsing through the "double push up" section. I went "woah....how the heck did she know my size..maybe it's pure coincidence lol" and they even teach you the RIGHT way to wear your bras! Don't be shy la :-P We are all women and we all have boobies lol

Hoho! Gong Li spotted on Aimer's poster! She is Aimer's brand Ambassador :3 

I love their Swarovski range, designs are nice and comfortable too! ♥ Or maybe cuz I'm a sucker for laces :D

 Teatime is served! ♥ homemade red velvet cupcake made by Chyi Ming!! It was really unique& yummy :D 

 Yes, i succumbed into buying myself an Aimer bra oTL The results were too awesome to resists T^T another hole in my wallet..*sighs* Okay..here comes the price range, starts from RM150(basics) - RM500 (Swarovski range) last Friday Parkson was having RM50 off for elite card members, that was the only reason why i bought the bra lol if not i myself couldn't afford it *sobs* well..on the bright side it is for CLEAVAGE !!*A*  Prices may be affordable to working women but definitely not for students like myself  lol even though i can be considered as working person :-P

I would snap a pic of myself and mah cleavage right now to prove it but im worried you guys might mistaken it for someone else's breast :D ehehehe~   ♥ 

So head over to your nearest Aimer store to try out these comfortable bras today! Lingerie that are worth the prices :-)
Don't think they have a Facebook page as Facebook is banned in China lol
Their main website :




  1. laugh out loud man your post.. u dam funnee here!!! I wouldn't mind seeing the before n after pic!!! (ahem u r model right...........)

    surprise at how detailed u r :) I guess someone is really listening!!!!

    thanks for coming with me to AIMER.. had fun day kena tangkap by BRA COP!!! hahahaha..i also shock she said out my boobie size!!! and lecture me T_T

  2. Tammy : hehe might get my photographer friend to help me take a pic XD cuz if i camwhore later people say i syok sendiri show cleavage just for attention XD lololol :-P Thanks for the invite babe! >w< *hugs*

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