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Resident Evil Retribution Press Conference @ Empire Hotel

As we all know, China borne actress Li BingBing has carried the role of Ada Wong along side with Milla Jovovich as Alice in the latest Resident Evil Movie series (in Ada's full trademark skin tight halter red dress as well) I think they did a great job in Ada's dress as the full details and patterns are there as well :-)

Today (7/9/12), Li BingBing made her appearance at the press conference that was held at the Empire Hotel. We were all excited by her entrance till the point where when the doors first opened everyone’s cameras started snapping, but stopped after 5 seconds because we realized she hasn’t appeared yet.. standing by with camera settings prepared hoping to get a few good shots of Li BingBing but I underestimated the photography part..tons of flashes has caused our photos to be over exposed so it was a challenge to play around with the settings while try to get a few good shots. Thank you Jaslyn (Chibineko) for being my saikang photographer!

The MC announcing Miss Li BingBing's arrival

We had like a solid 10 minutes photo opportunity with Li BingBing, as she posed gracefully in her lovely dress (I'm guessing it's from Gucci as well lol)

After the photo op, we proceeded with the press conference alongside with our MC and Li BingBing’s personal translator, Yes Li BingBing spoke in mandarin throughout the whole interview. But before that she surprised all of us with her brief introduction in our mother tongue language, which was Bahasa Melayu. She sounded nervous during her introduction, but I was surprised she spoke quite effortlessly in bahasa (must had rehearsed beforehand :-P lol)

This is what she said “ Selamat dating, apa khabar? Saya Li BingBing”
We were given an opportunity to ask her questions related to her latest movie, Resident Evil : Retribution ( Just a reminder, this is resident evil's 5th movie already) 

I’m just going to summarized her interview session.
Li BingBing is very happy for the warm welcome and is very happy to be in Malaysia. She was actually working on another movie that clashed with Resident Evil’s filming so she had to juggle two movies at once. Resident evil was shot in Canada meanwhile her Chinese movie (where she played the main character) was shot in China and it was an exhausting 13hour journey to and fro which made her homesick.  

While shooting for this movie many thought that she could not converse in English, so to their surprise she could speak quite a fair amount of English. According to her(Li BingBing) the lesser expectations people have of her language ability the more they are impressed when she starts talking.  She also cheekily added who knows there might be a next Resident Evil movie to look forward to with more scenes of her as Ada wong.

My question to her was :

Arisa (Me) : Hi Miss Li, how did you mentally prepare yourself for the role of Ada Wong? Since this movie is based on a game, did you play the game to understand your character more?

Li BingBing: To be honest when accepting this role I was also busy filming for another movie in china, if you have seen the movie “I do” I was basically the main character. I would have hoped to have more time to prepare for this if I was given more time, if there no two huge movies going on at the same time however what I have done is I have watched resident evil 1,2 & 3 before except for number 4. So when I got the role of  Ada wong in resident evil  5 , I went home and watched all the resident evil movies and I tried to understand ada wong’s character little bit more ,her relationship and the intrigued relationship that ada wong has back in the video game and also tried to understand the role that gamers probably want me to impersonate and resonate in resident evil’s movie . Because when you play the game, probably you want to understand Ada wong ‘s character. So I tried to understand every move, every intimate kind of movements, the way she speaks, the way she acts, based on what you see  even she doesn’t speak you can see the body language  as well, everything is to mirror Ada wong in the game itself .

I was pretty much pleased with the answer I got, at least she studied her character well but she might want to try playing the game to get more feel of the story and character :-P lol /kena smacks

Someone tried to ask what she would be wearing for tonight’s red carpet appearance since her media appearance in Hong Kong was a sexy piece, Li BingBing replied saying it is a surprise but also another dress sponsored by Gucci as she is the spokesperson for Gucci.

Make sure to drop by later at sunway pyramid’s main entrance to catch her as she will be making her red carpet appearance at 7pm! ;-)




  1. saw u share about the press conference on Ada thingy n u're so excited about meeting her.. kudos for the interview, that's a good question :) love that u ask her if she played the game to understand the character more.

  2. awww thanks for the support Tammy :-) It was just a random question tough :-P lol *hugs*


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