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H&M Opening @ Lot 10

11 more days to go!

As we all have been waiting for, the GRAND OPENING of H&M  first ever full concept store here in Malaysia!

And good news to all the plus size babes! This H&M branch will be the first to carry in plus size range into their collection, First in Asia! How lucky are we? ;-)
They also have clothes for every single occasion, not sure what you want? Just walk in and you will definitely find something!
Stocks are limited, once sold out..they are gone! so everyday they will bring out new surprises for us ;-)

 Where? in LOT 10 of course! I'm sure you have seen the renovations ongoing and posters outside LOT 10 mall, KL so make sure to save the date everyone!

Time : 11 am
Date : 22nd September 2012
Location : LOT 10, bukit bintang

What to expect? Be the 1st one in line and get RM500 shopping voucher from H&M! 2nd-5th, RM200 shopping voucher and the next 300 in line will receive RM50 voucher! 
*Only for the first 305 people! ;-)

I will be roaming all around KL, giving out stuff for H&M (who knows there might be goodies too? lol not sure of that YET though :-P) :-)
So do FOLLOW my instagram (arisa_chow) for my latest whereabouts! Starting tomorrow,12th-14th September and 17th-19th September 2012.

 Was doing my fitting for H&M yesterday ;-) Gawd...i adore their clothes!!! >w<

And just a little FYI
H&M does not have a Facebook pages according to countries, they only have ONE AND ONLY page which is their international Facebook page here : 

So if you come across individual countries pages for H&M, they are most probably fakes :-)

Their Official Webpage  for Malaysia:

Stay tuned for more!




  1. Woots cant wait to see their plus size range!

  2. Yea! Definitely some good news ;)

  3. i want your h&m goodies!!! and wei u talk like u so happy their plus size range is here.. but u r so skinny one.. feel like campak u to sungai.......

    KIDDING!!!!! this makes me feel like queuing up to get the cash vouchers to attack their plus size range

  4. Tammy : lolololol XD kasi promote ma~~ first in Asia some more :D hope i get to keep my working outfits >.< *cross fingers*


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