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Qualities Men Should Have [Arisa's logic]

Well, half the time my logic makes no sense..but heck with it anyway :-P Recently I saw this controversial video which was recently removed by the owner, Linora. But in my opinion this video is a total wake up call to all men. HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
We don't usually say all these things to you just to protect your man-ego, but some guys just need a dose of Linora's bitch fit ;-) total FTW moment.

Couldn't agree more with this statement "CHIVALRY SHOULD EXIST ALL THE TIME" 
no matter what century, chivalry plays a VERY important role for a guy. Without it you can just kiss your sorry ass good bye ;-) The girl will definitely go for a guy who can treat her better. If you think this "gentleman role" is a waste of time, don't date simple as that  

And this thing is not just for the first date for you to impress the girl, it is something you should practice regularly. Don't tell me you don't even hold out the chair for your own mother to sit right? If you don't, you must have been a terrible son -__- I kesian your mother.

Aside from Chivalry I think Men should have more PATIENCE when it comes to us girls. I mean like seriously.
You guys complain that you have to wait half an hour for us girls just to get ready to go out but on the other hand that you did not realized is the amount of time we girls have to wait for you to finish your computer games =_= /rage

I've been there, done that and i admit it gets waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay annoying when i see a grown up man stuck in front of a game and losing track of time.
We girls need our space to groom ourselves to look good JUST FOR YOU. Unless you like your girls unkempt and sloppy (a major turn off if you ask me -_- lol)

And this is exactly what happens in reality. Laugh all you want /truestorybro

More like i can not brain what is so interesting about that frigging game =_=

Last but not least, I like my men to be well groomed :-) ♥ And being well groomed doesn't mean short hair..nerd look, and wearing your pants too high :-/

You wanna have long hair? Go ahead! Nobody is stopping you, just don't appear looking like Sadako >_> 
Want to grow a beard? Make sure it compliments your features instead of making you look a century older 
lol and grooming isn't just about combing your hair into place, your skin needs taking care off as well you know! Using facial masks and toner doesn't mean you are gay (*sheesh!* what era do you guys come from? Primary school?)


So give it a thought guys and girls!
Girls I'm sure you would love to date a well groomed guy with manners right?
They are not dead, just hiding and waiting for you to spot them *winks*




  1. lol i feel sorry for someone...

  2. Tammy : HAHAHAHHA!I'm having a hint it is someone i know :-P lolololol

  3. But then u still dont date good groomed person with zero games knowledge guy like me right? :( sob sob..


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