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Petronas I Art You : Press Conference

Petronas 2012 Project in conjunction of Hari Raya, Hari Merdeka and Malaysia Day celebration.

Last 13th August there was a screening for Petronas’s latest short video in conjunction of the month long celebration at KLCC’s exhibition hall (level 3, if I’m not mistaken, from the lift walk to right until the end you will see the exhibition hall) and I was honored to be one of the invited bloggers to catch this screening and short presentation by Petronas. The director Quek Shio Chuan did a great job infusing all the related elements into one short film, unlike the usual 3 minutes short advertisements you get during festive seasons.. this 15 minutes video is worth your time watching. Really a heartwarming and meaningful! The message was just so strong that I was nearly moved to tears by this beautiful work of art J

What is it about? This video titled “ Strangers” tells us a tale about the main character named, Erman. An engineer from Malaysia that was based in the Middle East. The story goes as Erman tells his tale about him feeling homesick being away from his family during Raya celebration and as the story progresses as he encounters a little local boy named Jeyhun that takes him on an unexpected journey of realization.

It is also about touching and inspiring life of others, Erman who learned how to adapt on native soil and embrace the culture differences. After seeing the run down condition of the local school, he tells us that how less fortunate some countries are compared to our own but we don’t realize it until we see it with our very own eyes. We follow Erman on his journey of self-discovery and how amazing to see two strangers from different corners of the world come together as friends. Sharing and exchanging knowledge is indeed gold and nothing can replace that.

Some parts of this short film they interviewed real life Malaysians who are based abroad that share their experience on being away from their motherland. It is indeed tough to be away from your home for a long period of time, especially when you encounter culture shock or being homesick..the worst would be during celebrations on a foreign land away from your friends and family. No matter where you go, your heart always belongs home.

During the exhibition ceremony, Dato' Mohammad Medan Abdullah , Senior General Manager , Group Corporate Affairs Division of PETRONAS quoted,

" This festive season , we want to pay tribute to all who are out there serving our beloved nation , - especially our own staff. Despite the challenges they face, they adapt quickly to environment they are in and take everything in their stride. That's the spirit that should be nurtured , admired , celebrat and emulated."

" As human beings , sometimes we do not relise the good thing that we have until it is taken away form us. In this instance , it's only when we live in another country that we realise just how wonderful our own contry is. It's also about self-discovery , of realising what really matters in life, and about what we have and can offer to others."

This video was launched on Petronas’s official youtube/facebook page on the 6th August 2012 and have received many heartwarming comments from viewers all over Malaysia who were touched by it. 

Aside from the short Raya film, PETRONAS has also launched a few other activities to support the upcoming celebrations.
Among the few activities is “I Art You Malaysia” exhibition, artwork of school students collected from 240 schools all around Malaysia. The artworks are based on things that symbolizes Malaysia, it is a way for students to express their creativity in patriotism.

You can find them displayed at PETRONAS gallery (on 3rd floor) from 14th August -30th September 2012

Do drop by and support our little budding artists!J

Here are a few example of the children’s artwork. It is indeed lovely to see all the colorful messaged artwork of every child.

2nd project would be the Eco friendly merchandises (Flags and non-woven bags)

PETRONAS has made 100,000 hand held flags that will be distributed to the ministry of information, communication and culture. However the non-woven bags will be distributed to the public to encourage eco-friendly ways. You can get the non-woven bags at any PETRONAS petrol stations or the Mesra kiosk with a minimal expenditure of RM30 from 15th August to 16th September 2012 (while stocks last) This applies to the whole of Malaysia. They also allocated about 15000 bags to be distributed at certain tolls. So do your part in going green as well!

After the event ended, there were refreshments served! Not to mention the awesome fusion of local cuisines,like satayyyyyy! Yummy :D

I think when it comes to food nothing beats Malaysia! “Malaysia pasti boleh!” XD

Let us celebrate this 3 important celebrations with Petronas!
If you have not watched the short film yet, please click on this link (p/s : I ensure you this is so worth 15mins of your time): 

Petronas's official YouTube :  http://www.youtube.com/petronasofficial 

And don’t forget to like Petronas’s Facebook fanpage for the latest updates and activities : https://www.facebook.com/petronas1 

Check out other videos by Petronas:
Behind the scenes for "I Art You Malaysia"

PETRONAS Planting Tomorrow: Imbak Canyon Area Conservation Partnership with Yayasan Sabah

Salam Aidilfitri, Selamat Hari Merdeka and Happy Malaysia Day!



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