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How Disgusted I Am.

As you all know the 3 videos posted by a 19 year old girl who so happens to be 2 month pregnant with her husband's child has gone viral over less than 24 hours on facebook.

Yes, what that man did was beyond shameful and worst than an animal (and animals don't behave like that so you can't condemn the word "animals" :-P lol)
I mean, yes the girl married at a young age so maybe this marriage might have been a mistake. Please don't judge the girl, she might have been young and naive when she first tied the knot.
But that is not the whole point.

The whole point is THIS GUY here (soon to be father) abusing his own PREGNANT WIFE in HER OWN SHOP. I mean if couples want to have squabbles, might as well do it at home within the privacy of your own house right? But NO! He couldn't talk and behave like a civilize person, proves how shameless and ruthless he is. And we don't even need the audio to justify his act or what she said to piss him off.

And yes, many of my guy friends told me once upon ago that this whole women abuse thing is so one sided, guys too get abused y'know. Like they have help and shelter for abuse women etc..whereby there is none for men.
Face it, we designed to be fragile and the weaker sex. So suck it up >_>
The only reason opposite genders are attracted to each other is because the need to feel loved and safe, unless you are the "forever alone" kind la ~_~ that is is a different case all together.

After watching this video, some girls might go "aiya..kick his balls lor! Sure he fall down and cry one!" Well, easier said than done ladies. I've been there and done that >_>  It is the matter of what can you do at that point of time?
When guys are pissy their sense of pain is somewhat numb, god knows why. I think there is too much blood boiling in the head,so there is not enough for his penis lol.

All i can say is stand up for your rights ladies. Do not be ashamed to lodge a police report if you are going through this sort of thing/ rape/ molest..etc. And i know police in Malaysia are not that helpful, there are other places you can make a report to, like talian NUR which specializes in cases like these.

And you have a long life ahead babes, and life gets shorter by wasting time on guys who don't know how to appreciate you. Why chase after them? I strongly believe that there are many right guys waiting out there and sometimes they might be the ones next to us but we do not realized it :-) So quit living in the fast lane, stop and smell the roses. For all you know Mr.Right might be holding one in front of you now :-) 

Watch the videos below if you have not. And share with me your thoughts and what would you do to stand up for your rights girls!




And please do not judge the girl just because she posted this videos on facebook. At least she is creating an awareness that can save a life ;-)

So what do you think? 



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