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Weekend Bazaar at First Subang Mall

This is my first time in First Subang Mall XD as I'm not really familiar with PJ area (it happens to almost everyone who stays in KL, we know KL at the back of our heads but when it comes to PJ we will be going in circles @_@) I came from 1 Utama as I attended La Senza's Show Off Launch Party earlier in the morning, so traffic wasn't too bad :D 

P/s : Yes i know, I'm always all over the place :D that is my nature, can't be in one place too long. Maybe cuz my ass is itchy XD lololol~ wtf.

Thank you Plusizekitten for having me over with a few other bloggers to check out this place :-) It was a great hang out session with you gals.

Got my passport of the day from Tammy, and first thing I did was tryout the manicure/pedicure session by My Lve Nails! Thank you so much for sponsoring our pedicure/manicure session My L♥ve Nails! I'm loving the great job they did with my express pedicure :3 Fast and neat! And the great part is, it still hasn't chipped off yet (this is my 4th day already ♥)

They are just a small beauty parlor located one floor above the bazaar, it is the first thing you would see when you go up the escalator.  Bright orange, sure can't miss it lol

  The have a wide range of OPI colors to choose from :D

Very cozy environment :-) staff are very friendly people too!

Blogger babes getting their nails done too at the pedicure counter :D

Time for a picture of my ugly un-charming deformed foot :D lol sorry for the wtf pictures guys ♥ tehee~
Dry feet ish indeed dry >.< Can't do anything about it since it is inheritance D: /sadface

 Wanted to choose some fancy colors but realized that i have work ~_~ damn..life of a freelancer. You will never know when you have to meet clients or go for casting so we can't have fancy nail polish on D: I optioned for a light pink shade, didn't expect it to be BRIGHT pink though >.< lol I feel so trolled, seeing the nail example and the real thing on my toes, I terus jadi speechless lol maybe it is the skin tone problem :-P

Next stop was the BAZAAR~ :D

Have any of you girls checked out their weekend bazaar yet? ;-) Don't think many of you heard about this mini bazaar that is located on the Ground floor of First Subang Mall right? lol so I'm here to share my experience with you guys :-) 
It's really small, but loads of great stuff and awesome prices to boot too! So this place needs some LOVE babes!♥  Drop by one of the weekends to check it out :3

Lo and behold the fortress of accessories by Angelina Accessories! A heavenly sight greeted me as i was making my way to the bazaar (they are located directly in front of the escalator lol so you sure can't miss'em :-P)

They have tons of  lovely designed jewelry, i was definitely spoiled for choices! >_< And reasonably priced too! And guess what? Almost 90% of their accessories can be found on other online shops for a hefty sum but Angelina Accessories keeps their pricing reasonable and affordable too : D all these lovely statement necklaces you see, are priced from RM23-25 only!


This cute stall, MOJONET sells printed-tees (free size, because they all come in one cutting only) tons loads of designs to choose from :3 Then again, i was spoilt for choices..couldn't decided which design to pick. Saw one with a skull and roses on it, would have bought that if only the design was printed in black or a darker shade of grey instead of light grey which looks kinda faded D: awww..

Really love this design *sniffs* :'(
The shirts are priced RM29.90 each, buy 2 for RM50! In the end after debating so long lol I've decided to buy my 2nd favorite choice :-D which had corsets and vintage printings all over it *loves* corset lover over here =w=b hurhur ♥ 
Yes, me and my passport of goodies >w<  gawd..my thunder thighs D:

End result of my day's worth of shopping! :3 I am so happy with my loot >w< 

 Statement necklace for RM25, two earrings for RM10 from Angelina Accessories 

There is more to blog about First Subang Mall, like the yummy makan places and desserts :-) But I shall reserve the food for another blogpost! Stay tuned for my next blog post! :3

 Behind the scene photo :
look who came out of curiosity :-P lol




  1. WAH? 2 earrings for RM10?! why i din c this....stall..sob sob.. that's super good deal!! also like ur choice of tshirt design :)) hur hur.... i'll be also scratching my head.

    I got my stuffs from that artsy fartsy stall (u snap pic of the stall). Right now my brain not working, i can't remember what's the name...huuuuuu....

    anyway :D thanks so much for coming and for reviewing! can't wait to read your food post!

  2. Tammy : haha we were all crowding around Angelina stall after the makan session XD Thank you!! >w< *blush*

    I Forgot to take their namecard as well.. >.< so tak ingat oTL
    Go rest first la dear, who knows you might wake u remembering it XD lol

    Your welcome dear :-) Thank you so much for having me over! Working on it now :-P hehe.


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