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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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ELEVATE @ Malacca ft DJ Hiloco & DJ Patricia K

ELEVATE, this is my first time attending the recent most hyped up party in Malaysia and boy.. no regrets turning down other events last Saturday just for this! ;-) The first one was held in Penang and the 2nd one was recently held @ Black Magic,KL last month. Reading about the non-stop fun and partying all night  reviews by friends and bloggers made me curious on how good this "ELEVATE" party was. Guess my questions have been answered! Definitely worth the crazy last minute 2hour travel down to Malacca! Thanks Yeeing and Ryan for tumpang-ing me ~ >w< 

A MUST picture when me arrived @ ELEVATE ;-) Together with Yeeing from http://yeeingng.blogspot.com 

Registered ourselves and got our VIP passes ♥ And no kidding when they say "VIP" free flow of booze throughout the whole night! Make sure to drink wisely if you are driving, wouldn't want to get wasted and crashing your car no? ;-) Better still always remember to get a designated driver friend to parties like this :-P

First thing you see when you walk inside..How cool is that? :-P
Photo credits to seraphsam.com 

 While waiting for the performances to start, as usual we bloggers just LOVE the camera! So result, you get tons of fun photos lol. From Left : Zana, Yeeing and Sandy
P/s : This is my first time using my DSLR in clubbing events, so yea..photo might turn out horrible/blur/weird/under exposed or over >.<

Opening act was by Psycusix, a group of Fire & light manipulators (didn't managed to get the light performance because they ended up too blurry D: sorry~)  Instantly they draw the crowd's attention to their daring act

 Girls will be girls (for the camera lol) Left : Shirnie, Vivian, Yeeing (photobomber: Ryan), Samantha and Mandy
Presenting to you our Hunky Emcee Joey G & gorgeous Patricia K

Patricia K taking the floor with her awesome DJ-ing skills, that kept the party started! 

With Joey 

And Patricia ♥ She is so hawtttt..yes I would go lesbian for alot of gorgeous ladies out there :-P LOL

Followed by a performance by Elecoldxhot, LED lights dance FTW! Pretty cool moves and coordination might add :D They did not disappoint us with just one act (yes they had a few lined up for us party goers) and they really know how to keep up with the latest dance trends (you will get what i mean when you scroll down for pictures of their next performance lol)

With Shirnie! First time seeing her in high heels (and they are only 2-3 inches)! Yet she towers over all the rest of us girls last Saturday *jelly max* =3=   

In every party there is always the "3 SAMS" XD
Samuel, Samantha, Sam Insanity 

LOL laughed so hard when the music started playing, seeing a whole mob dancing along with them (including  Don who "gangnam" in front of everybody's camera! lol)
Heyyyyyyyyyyyy~~~ Sexayyyyy ladehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh /wtf lol

Last act was DJ Hiloco spinning the crowd into a frenzy height with her DJ-ing skills! Girls rule FTW! :-P 
Hailing from Japan, this chic is definitely a babe magnet, when she made her appearance on stage instantly all   the guys crowded around her platform and they came like in a zombie mob (fast, really fast lol)

Partied until nearly 2 am, because this party is just too awesome to leave early! :-D by the time he headed back to KL it was nearly 2.30am lol :-P reached home around 4 something and i had a photo shoot in Port dickson at 7am/kena shot. This party is totally worth the craziness *winks* ;-)

Awesome group photo by seraphsam.com 

All the blogger babes with Patricia K : )

Before going home, guys chilling outside the hall feeling "sexy" lol

There will be a few more other ELEVATE parties this year so make sure to not miss them if you have just missed this! ;-)  Till then hope to see you guys at the next ELEVATE partyyyyy!



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