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Big Bad Wolf 2013 Haul

Insane much to shop at 3am in the morning? Not really, looks like i wasn't the only one insane enough to do this as there was still a surprising amount of people can be seen during the wee early hours lol.
I remember my experience at BBW sale last year when it clashed with Pikom PC Fair, had to work from 10am-10pm and was really upset because I couldn't go for the sale.

Until they announced that they will be opening for 24 hours for the very first time, that is when i told myself  "fuck being tired, for book sale must go!"

One of the most insane things I've done in 2012 with my bestie lol, shopping at 2am like a boss.
Car parks were empty, no crowd..shopping at that hour was damn relaxing.Was hopping something similar like last year but unfortunately at 3am there is still a crowd :-P
Guessed everyone figured out the trick. Darn!

Loads of books as usual, and if you are patient enough to burrow through the pile of books you might find a hidden treasure :D
Honestly speaking this year's selection of books weren't so great compared to last year, in fact i finished shopping in less than an hour which is pretty rare for me as i flip through the books to study the contents first. See cukup interesting or not, yes it might be ridiculously cheap being priced RM8 for a novel but what's the point of buying something you wouldn't enjoy reading just for the sake of spending :-P

As usual loads of interesting cookbooks, chocolate never fails to catch my attention.

I literally ROFL seeing this comic.Never expected to find this here LOL. Had a few good laughs that day on a couple of books like Justin Bieber's Autobiography, dude you are like my age and you want to write a frigging novel about your life already? You are barely out of diapers wei. 

This year really limited myself to a RM150 budget, found a few interesting reference books and yes i still read from heavy hardcover encyclopedias because reading from the internet is too mainstream for hipsters like me /kena slapped XD

Great way to pass the time reading some incredibly useless facts :D But hey, more general knowledge for you when you want to insult someone next time. 

So what are you hauls this year? Do share with me what you think about this year's BBW sale experience :D
I also kepoh want to know lol.

If I'm not mistaken the sale is still ongoing till 15th december 2013. I might drop by on the last day if they are having a massive clearance sale 8D
I rather have a room full of books than a closet full of clothing. Really. Both also collects dust but one needs washing/ironing/folding when the other just needs arranging.

Oh btw, BBW trolled me :-/ went there hoping i could find the full collection of the Hunger Games series as advertised on their website but couldn't find any :-(
If anyone does see it can help me purchase first pretty please!!!
Thank you so much ya T___T


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  1. I didn't find one of the books I wanted that they posted on the Facebook page too..so we're not the only ones that kena trolled :P

    I didn't buy much also this year.. http://lifeasacynic.blogspot.com/2013/12/haul-from-big-bad-wolf-books-sale-2013.html


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