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Julie's x LINE for Christmas

Now I really understand the importance of packaging appearance in marketing lol. Suckers like me would fall head over heels just for a cute limited edition packaging though the content is nothing special XD

But then again how often do they even come out with these except selective festive season :P

Was in Sunway Pyramid last night to attend the premier screening of The Hobbit: Disolation of Smaug and you wouldn't even want to hear about what I had to say about TGV cinemas last night. I'll leave a personal long blogpost specially dedicated to TGV. can't believe they made us wait an hour+ before starting the movie.
Dare I say, the movie was quite disappointing :-(

Oh..back to topic again lol went to Jusco as I was passing the biscuits Isle to get a bottle of water these 2 cute packaging caught my attention lol. I am more of a Munchy's fan than Julie's but couldn't resists the cute designs♥

Who isn't familiar with LINE's iconic characters, im pretty sure they have names but I can't remember lol.

Each box of tin contains 10 individually packed chocolate oat cookies with a book mark included. If not mistaken it's priced RM10 per box. Makes great gift for kids ;)

And each box purchased you get a limited edition card with a special code to access for special LINE designs. Make sure to redeem it at Jusco customer service counter (while stocks last) ♥

I find myself really amusing that I can get so excited over small things like these lol.
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  1. Me too!! Small things like you just show .gets me excited to go out and find them now...so cutee...gotta have it!


  2. LINE characters so cute I want them too! :D


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