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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Great Life Companions I Can't Live Without

The year has almost come to an end and looking back to summarize the entire 2013, I've been very blessed to have Samsung and J Pop Corner/ Kiss Me cosmetics supporting me throughout the entire year through thick and thin periods of my life.

Given me so many opportunities that i never thought was even possible for me to achieve at this age.
This year has indeed been an amazing journey (literally a roller coaster ride) managed to work with 2 awesome companies that believe in me not to mention Manoah for all this connections.
Graduated with honors, regaining back my health and tons of other achievements with Samsung and J Pop Corner by my side.

Like every story book, every chapter has to end but that doesn't mean it ends there. What i believe is 2014 will be another amazing new chapter in my life and an addition to my life novel :-P
Looking forward to work again (hopefully) with these 3 companies that has provided me with the greatest platform in blogging.

Firstly a dedication to Samsung Malaysia, a true life digital companion that i would never leave without. Ever since discovering how much i love using their products till i even bought my very first Note 2 earlier this year, it has serving me very very well indeed. Then came the Galaxy S4, that's when my life took a 360 degrees around-a-bout. 

It has helped me regained back my health, keep me in check with my busy schedules, with language barriers, building great connections and inspiring others around me with it's amazing abilities for such a small device.

This guy has really been a faithful companion to me ever since i first got it, i remember the crazy attempt to even try out their walking mate on their built in S Health app. Totally keeps track on my daily lifestyle so i don't have to be constantly paranoid about working out or exceeding my calorie intake.

Crazy stunts only can be done with an unquestionable companion like my S4 XD

Followed me every where from daily lifestyle, work and travels. To sum up a few of them i've shared them on my blog previously.
Seems really fun having a phone that truly understands you like a human-being.

Only Samsung truly understands their users needs and every time they launch a new gadget, i can't resists getting to experience them first hand at their launches.

Moving on to the 2nd company who believed in my make up skills and has supported me so much in every single aspect, the biggest opportunity is getting to be their evangelist and seeing my picture advertised in Watsons pharmacies for J Pop Corner. Who could ask more for such an opportunity especially a small scaled cosplayer like me who just loves to sew costumes and play with cosmetics

How i started working with them? It was by pure chance really getting to work with both of my favorite companies that I've been supporting as a general user throughout the years.
Like Samsung, all my past phones were samsung models (lol) such a coincidence and for cosmetics after trying out Kiss Me products for the very first time i swore only to use their eyeliner from that day onwards and it has been 3 years already!

As a beauty blogger and make up enthusiast trying up tons of other brands is something normal for me but comparison wise no other eyeliner and mascara brands has actually captured my heart as much as Japanese products (Kiss Me, J Pop Corner, K-Palette & BCL). Thank you Mandom for bringing in such wonderful cosmetic products that we can totally rely on without a single doubt.

Only Asian brands understand Asian needs. That is what i always say when people ask me how is my feedback on using their products.
Never once i've experienced any smudging or whatsoever and i am truthfully saying this too as i am quite particular about sharing personal experience.
Im also glad in this process i managed to convert friends and family (even strangers too!) to love Kiss Me, J Pop Corner, K-Palette & BCL products.

Overall it's been a great year, even as my position as an evangelist ends for this year i will continue to support these 2 products like every faithful customer would do in their favorite store.
I'm not kidding about that seriously! I tried using my mom's Sony phone which i nearly threw it out the car window because i couldn't even figure out how to answer a phone call lol!

That's all for today, I'm gonna continue sewing my costume for Comicfiesta tomorrow, hopefully it will be done *sobs*/ diesssssssssssss oTL



  1. Hi girl, what bottom lashes did you use for the hone onna cosplay? Would really appreciate it if you could tell me cos it's absolutely gorgeous!

    Vey x

    1. I used Kiss Me bottom lashes design 09 from Sasa :)

      Can reused tons of times!

    2. Thanks for the reply! <3

    3. thanks for reading dear ^^


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