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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Benefit Holiday Look

Insanely yet progressive 3rd week so far of taking care of my siblings while having to commute to and fro from puchong (god, i hate that place).
Waking up to remember that i had a Benefit party to attend and the theme was "pink" (lol) opened my wardrobe and had a difficult time finding something "pink".
Honestly, I rather stick to monotone colors that is why my wigs are so colorful 8D

At least i had "pink" shoes lol

Would like to take this time to thank The Butterfly Project as usual (specially mama-san & the hardworking crew) for extending this exciting workshop invitation to me.
So glad to see all of you Butterflies again and meet up with some girlfriends :D

Best question to ask a woman, "How long do you take to put on make up?"

Arrived right on time before they started with their 10 minutes tutorial look.
Something similar to what I've done before,you can check out my tutorial here: http://www.arisachow.com/2013/10/tutorialmake-up-on-go.html.

And seriously, most girls would think that putting on make up is unnecessary because it's such a tedious, time consuming thing to do daily. But i think not, because a light layer of make up really makes a difference. You look more decent, approachable and not to mention feel pretty too :D

Studies have proven that women who dresses/ doll up daily tend to be less cranky :-P
True, your mood is instantly lifted when you know you look good walking out of your house.

Sabrina, our pretty demo model of the day. I really do admire people attending events bare-faced because i can never do so (sorry i too vain XD)

Funny how age can change one's opinion about things, i used to LOATHE pink but now seeing the color just makes me smile. Except "barbie".

Lol, spotted Reiko hiding in a corner taking a bite of her cake.

(Left) Fatin from Chocolatecatsz and Jean from www.j-e-a-n.com
Never fail to have a good short session with you girls during events,sorry i couldn't join you girls for lunch ;_; Potluck party okay?? 

Jean teaches us how to apply the largest mascara in the world lol.

After the tutorial session we were given an exciting task to recreate our HOLIDAY LOOK within 30 minutes, before and after using Benefit cosmetics but knowing me...hehe...
I wouldn't even strip my face nakeddddddddd 8D

After achieving such a flawless fresh looking face in 10 minutes, i do feel so "sayang" to remove it, so 
for my idea of holiday look would be obviously a fresh looking face as i am not so overly fond of putting on such heavy make up.
Explains why i rarely use colored eyeshadows too.  Earth tones might be boring but at least it's versatile with any clothing.

So here is my pick on my Holiday look. Simple, clean and fresh :D
As you all know gradient lips since to be trending right now, so Benefit's Pocketpal tint + gloss is a great choice.

Having a flawless base to start on is always essential.

Congrats to Reiko for winning! Amazing on how fast she can transform her naked face into a supermodel looking one :)

One of my Christmas wishlist this year :-)
Hope to save enough for a good primer. I have no worries finding the perfect Mascara and eyeliner because J Pop Corner & Kiss Me will always be my first choice 

So what is your idea of a holiday look? Smokey eyes.. colorful or fresh and simple all year round? :-)

Thank you Benefit Malaysia and The Butterfly Project for organizing this fun lil party for us girls. 



  1. what was the goodie bag? did you all get full sized products? :D

  2. Ah, I think your name is quite familiar in the Cosplay world :)

    Hence, new follower! By the way I like your pink shoes :D



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