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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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My Akiyo Fairytail

My Christmas journey this year wouldn't have been a magical one without Akiyo jewellery thanks to Butterfly Project for extending this invitation to me :-)
Always glad to show mama-san, Tammy my support as she is somebody whom i really admire in the blogging-sphere.

It was an honor getting to meet the founder of Akiyo Jewellery herself, Mandy Ang was there to explains about Akiyo products and didn't you know that the Japanese word : Akiyo actually means Bright, Clear, Sparkle. A description that perfectly fits a diamond.

And though this was a rather sad last gathering for me with the KL girls- Reiko, Jean and Fatin but i'm glad we managed to have a short (but awesome) coffee session at Illy's. Wish we could do it more often!
Really missing you girls already since I'm all the way in PJ now *sobs* :-(

Glad that is still have my old Kiss Me (Code: 04) lashes (lasted me since this blogpost)

If you (or your partner) are currently having the  FROZEN- Elsa craze (like me) Akiyo Christmas edition charm bracelets are the best choices of gift ;-)  

So happen i was cosplaying Elsa from Disney's Frozen movie during Comicfiesta Day 2 and the Akiyo snowflake charm bracelet was a perfect match.  I'm totally having the winter time mood now all thanks to my new favourite Disney movie! 
Though the costume was a rush job (which I am not so proud off) but at least it looks decent enough lol

 These limited edition charms are only available for a limited time and quantity only. So if you are not planning to give it as a Christmas gift why not make it a birthday or anniversary gift? Since you are able to customized the charms on the bracelet according to your liking.

For a premium quality stainless steel jewellery the price range is surprisingly affordable compared to most places I've seen (no kidding). 
The charms may look like they can be easily gotten from any online stores but let me assure you that the price you pay for this quality is more worth it compared the the large amount you get off from your online sellers.
No.1 woes is sellers always assure their buyers that stainless steel won't rust that easily but i always thought of that a faux selling gimmick because through years of my experiences with stainless steel jewellery, they always tend to rust after being used too often.

The basic price of each chain starts from RM149 and each customized charm add ons starts from RM89.

Mandy Ang helped customized each bracelet to suit our individual wrist size (big or small). She is usually at the main retail Akiyo branches in Damansara Uptown.

But Akiyo's one can assure that their won't because not only they provide the best services but with every purchase their jewelry comes in a stainless steel protector pouch and a lovely gift box all ready to be given as a gift to that special someone.

One of the favourite combinations for a charm necklace. 
Every charm tells a story, so what is yours? 

Pearl bracelets like these price starts from RM189 excluding the add on charms (like the snowflake)

Not to mention makes a very nice friendship bracelet too!

Official Website: www.akiyo.com.my
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/akiyojewelry

Retail Shops:

1. No. 24M(1st Floor),Jln SS21/39,Damansara Uptown PJ
2. 3rd Flr,Fahrenheit 88 Parkamaya,Bukit Bintang

Before finishing up this post here is a little behind the scene of what we girls did after the event lol. Take pictures outside pavilion because we had a "RED" Theme going on that day XD

Credits to Jean for the photo!! Thanks dear :*

The mocha at Illy's Pavilion is heavenly! 
Sad to know that they are going to close in a few more days. :-(

Why do all the great coffee places have to close down? sigh. Great news people!! Just heard that Illy's will still be operating till further notice :DD Yay!!
Coffee lovers would love this place. If you have not visit this place, you have not learn the meaning of life lol.

Will update soon on my Comicfiesta blogpost!
Photo credits to Shiro Ang Photography



  1. lisaaa! i can cry because of your awesomeness in cosplay! *fan mode* haha! <3

  2. You are the perfect Elsa! >___< Can't stop stalking your picture!

  3. Love your Elsa's makeup!

  4. Wow, love the Elsa's makeup!


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