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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Travelling Fashionably with TokiChoiXRakutenXArisa!

Hey guys, i am finally back from from my travels to Bali and Japan, how's things while i was gone?
Anymore drama happening? lol.
This is the first time i've actually took 2 weeks leave to do my annual travelling which started last year when i had the opportunity to travel with Thailand tourism for a week as a media (forever grateful for it!). This year my trip to Bali was for Dewata Anime Festival 2015 which i will blog about it soon and Japan, a country i've always wanted to visit and finally had the chance too.
Can you imagine how stoked i was when i bought the tickets last year without thinking twice lol and lo behold 10 months passed by and i was on my way to the land of the rising sun.

When it comes to packing it's kinda tricky especially for people like me who chases after fashion so relying purely on T-Shirt and jeans throughout my whole trip is a big NO-NO.
Travelling fashionably doesn't mean i have to travel heavy with so many different type of co-ordinations (for both day & night), that's when i decided to make thing easier for my packing is to select a few versatile pieces from Toki Choi on Rakuten Malaysia that i can use to coordinate throughout my whole entire trip.

So here's the challenge, I'll be travelling with exactly 10 pieces of Toki Choi  clothing and how many styling can i make with those 10 pcs throughout my Japan & Bali trip lol.
Hope you guys had fun watching me on instagram as i posted my various OOTDs and travelling pictures :-D

Of all the fashion brands on Rakuten, i personally always like Toki Choi 's style in women's clothings and they not only offer basic fashion essentials but also carry a large variety of brands with each unique styles like Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese and weekly they have more than 50+ new arrivals.

List of Brand Under Toki Choi :

  • Tokyo Fashion: Japanese style- Laid back styles which reminds me of the Japanese girls from living in the outskirt areas away from the hustle & bustle of the city life. If you are looking for something comfy for daily usage (college/ dates/ home) then you'll find it under this section.
  • Tokyo Fashion: Korean style- If you are into Korean Fashion trends, then this section is for you, with the latest trending Korean styles updated every week it's something you won't miss out on.
  • Mayuki - Chic, city girl with a flare for comfort which is totally something i would wear on a daily basis. Most of my clothes featured in the OOTDs are from Mayuki btw.
  • Yoco - Demure, loli fashion for girls who have their fashion inspired by the rococo era as most of the designs carried under Yoco is made with laces, chiffon, pastel colours and beadings.

Not to mention here on Rakuten there is constant ongoing promotions with additional discounts here and there to make your shopping experience more value's worth. Hence their tagline “Shopping is Entertainment”. Lol.
It's indeed fun to shop with them as they offer their loyalty program which gives back to you in a form of shopping credit. On Rakuten Malaysia it's not only about Fashion apparels they have many more to offer like accessories, health and beauty products, consumer electronics, toys and games and home furniture. They are so big because Rakuten is No.1 Online Shopping Mall in Japan!

Visit their main website page HERE to view more stuff.

They are such a big deal in Japan even their local malls, convenient (kombini) stores offer Rakuten super points collection upon purchases. Spotted this in Saitama, Tokyo as i was walking to my host's place :D Oh and if you are wondering what's the yellow poster for, in Japan some stores allows you to send parcels/ important letters to their place so they will receive on you behalf while you are away at work. Wish they had that here too!
Rakuten Super Points reward programme :
 Shoppers need to sign up first as a Rakuten member at no cost, to claim this reward and to earn further Rakuten Super Points (RSP) – a loyalty program which rewards members with points that can be used like cash to offset their next purchase for every purchase in Rakuten (1 Rakuten Super Points is worth RM1)

Did you know they are actually Taiwan's no.1 leading fashion brand and we have easy access to it thanks to Rakuten.com.my :D
So all pieces ordered from them are flown directly from Taiwan to your doorstep within 5-7 days which is considered quite fast for international delivery.

Toki Choi  offers wallet friendly prices especially since with our ringgits dropping (ouch), but nonetheless Toki Choi  maintains its affordable pricing giving chances to Malaysians to enjoy top notch quality fashionable clothing.

To visit Toki Choi 's official page on Rakuten, click HERE

Can't deny that the clothes Toki Choi  carries are totally versatile, it's a matter of mixing & matching like what i did to create new looks daily. For inspiration check out my photos below, i've also included their links in case you want to shop the pieces i wore! ;-)

This 2 piece set can be worn many ways, whether elegantly paired with high heels & a clutch or a more edgier street look like mine above paired with sleeveless long blazer & jeffrey campbell inspired platforms. When in Shibuya, gotta make your own fashion statement yo! Lol.

It's very hard to go wrong with stripes as it's one of fashion's must haves in your closet.
Steal the look with this demure chiffon stripped top & Trapeze denim midi skirt.
Midi skirts are know to make petite/ short girls look taller too! :)

Polkadot shirt dress (depending on your height) as for me i had to wear shorts underneath as i was too tall lol but works well if paired with leggings to give an illusion of longer legs.
Other shift (babydoll) dresses can be found here.

For the 4th day i reycled back my outfits from Day 1 and 2, just added in a comfy Chiffon cardigan With Fold-Over Sleeves for the shinkasen ride as it was getting kinda chilly. What i love most about this cardigan are the deep pockets! I don't have to worry about things dropping out from my pockets as i travel hoping from one train to another.

This dress is my favourite because it's really lightweight (travel friendly) and even with creases it doesn't look bad in fact it looks like it's made to have some slight creases lol.
Very comfortable since i wore this to hike up mount Inari. As it got colder during later in the day it also looks good paired with the Chiffon cardigan.

Shopping time means comfort too! Honestly dresses are way more comfortable to wear if you are planning to be out and about the whole day.
For those who don't like to wear sleeveless like me can pair your sleeveless maxi dresses with a top to make you feel comfortable :)

High waist vertical shorts (makes you look extra taller! Especially people with short torso like me) matched with a ribbed top & the same sleeveless long blazer worn during day 1

Gotta thanks Toki Choi for making me look trendy which perfectly fitted among their (Japan's) locals. Don't feel so out of place since here people don't go around walking in t-shirts and short pants like we do in Malaysia. If you girls need a wardrobe revamp for 2016, give Toki Choi  a try!
Remember, they have tons of new arrivals coming in every week, alongside with ongoing seasonal discounts and promotions.

That's not all, for this month (Oct 2015) with every minimal purchase of RM59, you are automatically entitled for FREE SHIPPING!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Toki Choi NOW!

Last but not least to make your shopping experience extra fun, courtesy of Toki ChoiRakuten & my blog, I'll be giving out a special discount coupon just for my readers to enjoy additional 15% off for your first purchase*

** Terms & Conditions
Duration : 11 – 18 Oct 2015
Limited to the first 500 buyers only
Product : Valid on ALL products in Tokichoi
Coupon Value : 15% off
Minimum Purchase Value : RM59
Maximum discount amount: RM300

Example: Opps! I shopped again :-P

Once you have received your goods, remember to doll up and snap an OOTD picture and hashtag us #TokiChoiOOTD #TokiChoiXRakutenXArisa to join our mini instagram challenge.
As there will be one winner who will be walking home with extra 100 RSP (Rakuten super points, which is equivalent to RM100) for her next shopping spree!

Contest duration: 
21st- 31st Oct 2015 
 Toki Choi will select 1 winner for best styling on the 1st Nov 2015

Happy Shopping and have fun flaunting your new fashionable #OOTDs!
Make your girlfriends envy with you affordable yet fashionable hauls this A/W 15 and share the good news too! As this is a great time to shop for your Christmas/ New Year outfits with an additional discount from my blog :D

Toki Choi Malaysia

Rakuten Malaysia



  1. gosh I want to take photo at that Torii gate too... and by the way Arisa... you do not look any different from the Japanese themselves.... kawaiiii

    1. you should go! especially during autumn :) the forest will be red too!

  2. You look so Japanese with those street background in Japan! :) very good in pairing outfit

    1. must blend in haha! padahal i cant even speak the language XD

  3. Was it Summer when you were there? It didn't look very cold.

    1. it was the starting of autumn :) leaves are turning yellow and it wasnt too cold about cameron highlands weather? 20-16 degrees daily during the day & night.
      Perfect weather to walk around!

  4. Wow!~ Such a lovely series of photos!~ You looks stunning!~

  5. U looks so Japanese and blend well with those Japanese! Great fashion sense Arisa!

    1. thanks jessy! still need to brush up on my styling skills, more to learn! :)

  6. Checked Toki Choi and Rakuten out. SO SURPRISED THAT THEIR PRICES ARE REASONABLE. Looks like i know where to go for my next pay day B)

    1. right?? also now they having their own inhouse sales which can be used with my voucher! Absolute steals :D

  7. welcome back, it feels like you just go Japan. Hehe. . love the pics you snap.

    1. not so happy to be back home though :P thanks!

  8. I love how you dressed up yourself. love all the photos! :D

  9. you look so good in all the pictures. jelly. :)

    on a side note, your blog banner! those lips :P

  10. u looks beautiful .. nice environment

  11. Jealous betul you get to go Japan. :( My Japan trip kept getting postponed. :(

    1. same here actually. so lesson learnt, JUST DO IT! Don't delay!

  12. Awh love the assembles babe - you look really good :) Great OOTD shots as well, pictures are well on point ;)

    1. aww thank you babe! So happy to be complimented by the famous local fashionista herself *shy*

  13. Gosh babe. I seriously feel like you should be a supermodel or something. love your pose with the pokkadot top, so fierce :D Love the first outfit, this post actually gave me some inspiration for some future outfits :P

    1. haha i wish la babe :P
      Can't fit the bill because of my height, only commercial then can la. So happy to know my post gave you inspiration *hugs* thanks for making my day :')

  14. Thanks for this code! I also like rakuten too!

    1. welcome! better to redeem it before 18th ya :)

  15. Love the pictures you took
    Look so much like locals too.
    You photographed nicely, just like models do.

  16. Yah TokiChoi is also one of my preferred brand when I shop at Rakuten. You OOTD look so good.

  17. Nice outfits for your travel trip, light and easy yet still fashionable :)

  18. ah thanks for revealing the brand, you look so stylish yet comfy in all your OOTD, love your fashion sense


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