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Bingsu @ Beans N Beans!

How many here love shaved ice like me? Who doesn't right especially with our Malaysian weather, would be insane to turn down a nice cool bowl of sweet shaved ice lol.
But then again, seeing how much calories each bowl of sweet syrup doused ice kacang has would instantly dampen your mood right especially if you are trying to lose weight/ achieve fitness goals.

It's alright to have them one in a while, but if you are like me who loves to have them very often then obviously have to find other "healthier" or low calorie option liao XD
You guys know very well that doing food reviews are so not my forte by please bear with me as i introduce to you my current favourite dessert that's been recently trending in Malaysia.
Non other than the Korean Bingsu, it's literally shaved ice but a finer version and it's so smooth till you can't even tell that it was made from a block of frozen milk shaved to perfection.

When it comes to desserts, i am also selective but not as picky as i was before since now my body is functioning like a normal woman's so from time to time we do get these " sweet" cravings lol.
Somehow i think i am pregnant 365 days a year because i am always craving for sweet stuff, it can be fruits or "healthy desserts" lol. 
I've personally always loved ice kacang and cendol growing up (see! i'm 100% Malaysian) but over the years as i got to know the ingredients one by one in each bowl of sinful indulgence i couldn't help but to cut it off totally as it's sweetness is at an unhealthy level to be eaten frequently. Seriously damn scary la our Malaysian food!

Then i discovered kakigori which is Japanese shaved ice and i am currently hooked on this and i will always get my fix while あなた goes for his practice in JCKL.
Can easily do my work while enjoying my favorite milk+azuki kakigori :D
Then again, it's not often i get to go there due to my busy schedule then i discovered there is a Bingsu shop near my area which was Citta Mall! Hooray more shave ice for me :P
So next time when a craving hits i can just go over Beans N Beans to get my fix lol.

When i first found out about Bingsu which was in 1 Utama (near Nature Republic), あなた and i was curious to give it a try since it's new and all but upon looking at the price it was insanely expensive @_@ Can't imagine paying RM20 for a bowl of shaved ice that looks similar to Tong Pak Foo lol. From there hence forth my idea of bingsu was overpriced Korean shave ice, but that all changed when i was invited over to visit Bean N Beans cafe!

Now you can have Authentic Delicious Korean Bingsu at an affordable price of only RM15-17 for a large bowl (enough for 2 people to share).
Though the specialty of Beans N Beans cafe is Bingsu but they too have very good coffee to offer alongside with some equally delicious sandwiches, no i'm not sugar coating anybody here except the bingsus lol, if food is good i'll say it's good. If not i'll just give a neutral "meh" rating.
P/S: They are also halal by the way!

Had the pleasure of indulging myself there with 2 bowls of bingsus, a sandwich & a cup of lavender tea (super fragrant!) and still don't feel so guilty because their Bingsu is made with very minimal sugar in their original milk base as it's usually the toppings that defines the bingsu's sweetness.
They have 6 flavours on their Bingsu menu which is:
  • Patgi (red bean)
  • Cheese
  • Caramel
  • Chocolate (best seller)
  • Konggi (soy bean)
  • Green Tea (also best seller)
Their best seller would be the usual chocolate and Matcha (green tea) because knowing us Malaysians we are not so adventurous with our taste buds especially if it's our first time trying out something so true enough i ordered Patgi (read band) and green tea bingsu because i felt chocolate was too mainstream for me :-P
Can't express how much i fell in love with those 2 flavours since it's sweetness level is just perfect, diabetic friendly and the rich milk taste is in every scoop.
If i were to compare the sweetness between Red bean and green tea, i would say red bean is by far the least sweetest in the menu, green tea has a mild one.

Even the red bean topping for Patgi bingsu is not made with any additional sugar, just pure local red beans so you can savor every bean taste in each bite!

Taken using HTC DesireEYE

The green tea is more heavier on the milk but balanced out with a right amount of sweetness level and some mochi bits to give the bingsu some texture.
They sadly don't offer takeaway options for their bingsus as it easily melts in our weather and best eaten on the spot but if you are in a hurry to grab a bite then their coffee/tea & sandwiches would be a better option.

The coffee blend itself is also unique as it's specifically made & supplied to Beans N Beans as their big boss so happens to be a coffee lover that enjoys nothing more than a cup of properly brewed fresh coffee. Glad to know it's the good stuff you are getting rather than a cup of mainstream coffee that doesn't taste like coffee at all lol.

Nice, well marinated & juicy chicken shreds.

Though the initial korean menu does not serve sandwich but in Malaysia it's an exception as Bean N Beans would like to give us fellow Malaysians more of what Korean food industry has to offer like their delicious marinated bulgogi chicken sandwich.
This sandwich tasted abit like "car siew" to me lol though i don't eat pork but i was assured that it's 100% chicken & halal as they are in the midst of getting the Jakim approval for Beans N Beans.

Haven't got a chance to try out the others in the menu yet, but i will definitely come back for more since their cozy concept cafe also offers free WiFi! Can easily get coffee, yummy bingsu and do my blogging there since it's so peaceful. Not forgetting they have sandwiches and rolls there so can also be considered as lunch haha.

So are you guys drooling to visit this cafe yet? If you are then leave a comment below as i'll be selecting 3 lucky readers to enjoy FREE Coffee & Bingsu courtesy of Beans N Beans! Just follow these 3 simple steps and you'll be getting a healthy cool treat to beat away your mid week blues.

Question: Which Bingsu flavour would you like to try? <email@haha.com>

Deadline: 7th Oct 2015, 11.59pm. 

Winner announcement on 8th Oct 10am & self collection date would be 10- 11th Oct @ Ara Damansara. Can courier via pos express but do take not that deadline for these vouchers are 31st Oct 2015. 
But if any other collection arrangement methods can be discussed like self pick up from Citta Mall Beans N Beans outlet with I.C verification.

Beans N Beans is actually no stranger to Malaysia, in fact they have 3 branches opened in East Malaysia already but for west Citta Mall is the first! Hopefully more to sprout out soon, if you guys are looking into franchising Beans N Beans, feel free to contact them since they are having a great rate :D

Make sure to like them on Facebook: Beans N Beans Korean Cafe



  1. I want patgi red bean flavour. Hope I can win it.

  2. Woohoo! I want to try the choc flava! Yummzzz

  3. I wanna try green tea bingsu!!! The milkiness paired with green tea bitter flavour <3 yums!

    Xoxo, FiSh @ www.ohfishiee.com

  4. would like to try their chocolate bingsu !!

  5. Delicious Korean Bingsu with affordable price !!

  6. wow red bean, thats my dear favourite. Hehe.. green tea has mild one, I wanna try that.

  7. I want to try the Patgi as it is my favourite too. It is so tempting.

  8. Never try this shop... Chocolate bingsu looks nice...

  9. Oh dear, so sinful looking. Feel like want to try them all.... but definitely cannot do that!

  10. HMmm... I do not know which one I would like to try as I am not exactly a huge fan of beans... but I really would love to give them all a try... hehehe

  11. I like chocolate lava looks very tempting to me.

  12. I like chocolate lava looks very tempting to me.

  13. another place for bingsu. is time for desserts :P

  14. Chocolate lava would be good! But I don't stay in Malaysia ! Haha . I've yet to try bingsu like this one

  15. Green tea bingsu for me please! Would be the perfect dessert to cold down in this hot, humid and hazy weather!


  16. all looks good but since I'm a red bean fan vote Patgi

  17. I have heard of Bingsu for such a long time, but haven't had the opportunity to go there yet. Going to bug Mr Boyfie to bring me there! Thank you for sharing <3

  18. I've just been to the Bingsu Cafe, a couple of nights back. They serve mainly bingsu too, I think these delectable iced stuff is gaining popularity in KL..

    1. totally agree! it's sprouting out almost everywhere XD

  19. Are there other ingredients underneath apart from what I see on top? If not I think the price is a bit pricey lor

    1. nope just super smooth shave ice with toppings :)
      compared to other places i've been this still ok cuz it's less than rm20 lol.

  20. Looks really yummy and a healthy dessert to try for! Matcha bingsu would be my love to try as I am a fan of matcha.

  21. Been there before with my friends, love their foods, so delicious and has a lot of varieties :)

  22. ha...ha...i wanna red bean....i wanna chocolate lava....my godness...all so tempting to me :)
    Cheers, https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/

  23. Awww! I want try out Green Tea and Cheese flavor! Quite seldom can see cheese flavor bingsu in town. Before I having bingsu at Dal.Komm Coffee but it's too sweet for me. Can't wait can try out this bingsu as you said the sweet level is just right.

  24. i would always go for matcha or coffee bingsu! But I've never tried this cafe's bingsu, hope to get it some day.

  25. awww ... look tasty ...
    Singapore have this branch ?

    1. not yet but they are looking into franchising it! :)

  26. Heard about this but yet to try. Thanks for sharing!

  27. I get quite torn between bingsu and its Japanese counterpart. But I have to say that Korean bingsu is really growing on me. :) great post arisa!

  28. Awh babe, you look gorgeous. Secondly that green tea and cheese flavor sounds beyond amazing. Got to give this place a go pretty soon, the food looks really appetizing.


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