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#Markets16 Recap & Hauls

Yo, how's the week treating you guys so far? Good? or missing the weekend like me since i had a productive one by visiting the bazaar in Jaya One and had quite a few good hauls aside from catching up with some friends who participated as vendors :D
The crowd response was amazing despite the unexpected haze outburst which was quite bad last saturday, but thank you all for coming!

Those who didn't manage to attend #Markets16 let me poison you with all the good stuff you had missed, so get ready to cry, wail and claw your screens. Huehuehue.

Usually my saturdays are better spent sleeping in after a tiring long week at work, but for this bazaar i had to make an exception to visit as i was supposed to scout for new suppliers (since i do business development) and at the same time get to enjoy the bazaar abit but sadly couldn't spend much as my pay wasn't in *sobs*.
I honestly am surprised with all the stuff the vendors had to offer, it's totally different seeing their products listed online and getting to see/ feel the real deal.

Most vendors are already on Shopee, if you have visited them during the bazaar and gotten discount codes from them, don't forget to use it here!

Shall we start with the fashion section?
Here are a few brands i found that had interesting selection of clothes, selling at great prices and not to mention since Shoppee is the main sponsor of this event each vendor too had their own special shoppee discount vouchers to give out for customers to enjoy their purchases on shoppee app.
Say hi to their first shop i found, Peep Boutique!
Selling really trendy chic clothing at great prices, you can even find them on VIP plaza Malaysia!
Each pieces are at limited stocks, so get'em while you still can :-P

The ever friendly owner of Peep Boutique!
Always with a bright coloured hair, so if you see her around make sure to say hi & browse through her collection on Shopee.

Actually half the time instead of shopping i was actually busy catching up with some friends, bumped into a few fellow shopaholic bloggers too! So you guys know where to hunt for bloggers la, any good bargain fashion/ beauty bazaars confirm you'll see a bunch of us there lol.
There's just something with girls and shopping it's like we are born to do it yo :-P

Super tall Charmaine from tallpiscesgirl.com, Bubbly Jess from jessytheklchic.com & my older sis Sarah from lashesandstrokes.com

Found super adorable Japanese children clothing by Haha no yume 母の夢
Makes we feel like having a kid but times are hard, so having one would be out of the question lol. Anyone who's kid i can dress up please? If not i'll just make Mori (my cat) wear'em lol. He is so gonna hate me since he hasn't forgiven me over the santa costume gotten from Spotlight :-P


Not forgetting to mention this cute shop that sells children friendly plushies suitable for adults too!
Currently their main selling platform is on carousell & Shopee:
Who doesn't want that huge cute edamame!! *sobs* but if i were to buy it confirm my cat will remove those 3 beans and sleep in the skin itself lol.
See in one day already i feel in love with more kids stuff than adults, how la not want to have kid like that? XD

Those who love bags can check out Glossy Addiction too, as they have tons of inspired designer bags to offer, and my personal favorite would obviously be the issey miyake!

Beautiful delicate accessories by instagram shop: @9joy8
Regretted not buying those earrings because i love the designs so much, abit on the pricier side like RM30 a pair but well unique stuff don't come cheap.

Here comes the beauty section, the first familiar one i spotted was of course adorable handmade soaps shaped like food by Wunderbath! Not sure if you guys have heard of them but they have taken instagram by storm with their all natural hand made soaps that are paraben free and full of natural properties that's good for the skin!

Ever since their owner Evelyn (supermodel & entrepreneur) introduced me to some of her bestselling range like their tinted lipbalms, which i bought one to support & try. I'm loving it till this very day, it's a perfect solution for my lazy days where i just need some natural colour on my pale lips! Super moisturizing since it's made from sheabutter, plus it has a slight peppermint taste to it.
Check out what else they have to offer especially seasonal products on their official instagram account: @Wunderbath.co 

For tech stuff there's Cable Trouble who offers customized USB cables which i got mine done with 4 colours. Priced not more than RM30, i find this totally worth it as i can choose the colours and even comes with a able clip to keep it organized. If you brought your own USB cable that day, it would cost slightly lesser since you are only paying to get colored springs woven unto the wire.

Sadly i didn't see much artisan foods (except 2 for pets) around and the only ones i saw were food trucks stationed outside which i clearly avoided due to the haze.
So are you regretting yet that you didn't drop by? Don't worry there will be more bazaars held by Markets under Jaya One coming soon.
If you are also keen to participate as a vendor (I am!) for new/ preloved items remember to stalk them on facebook for the latest announcements: www.facebook.com/themrkts 

Check out my cool hauls!


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