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C.Jello Collagen Jelly Bar Review [Before & After]

Finally my last beauty journey with SkinSoul and this time's experiment is not from just the surface of the skin but within. As usual being a beauty blogger we have the perks of trying out current trending beauty products which happen to be collagens in a form of jelly packed sachets.
From my experiences with consumable collagens over the previous years they are usually in powder form to be mixed with drinks or eaten from sachets (also in powder form) and the only liquid ones i know off that's been in the market since forever is lennox, InnerShine and KinoHimitsu.
Powder forms are usually gross tasting, or just plain tasteless meanwhile those that come in a small jar in liquid form are overly sweet till the point you can't even finish drinking it without feeling sick.

Seriously not kidding you, if you have friends who are into all these anti-aging drinks try asking them they would say it's super duper sweet too. It's literally concentrated juice and sugar without any water lol. But all those a really old school methods, so time to say move over diabetes sweet collagen drinks and say hello to collagen jelly bars.
It's way easier to carry around, less bulky and it's proven absorption rate is 99% more effective than other collagens available in the market (powder or liquid form).

But before go in any further please do take note that i don't believe in collagens ya lol maybe it's because i am still young and didn't see the need for it till recently after my skin analysis i was told that my collagen levels are starting to deplete slowly which is quite normal as you get older.  
Meaning my skin doesn't recover as fast as it was before and the elasticity is getting lesser hence wrinkles and saggy skin will appear in the next 10-15 years time lol.
Time for me to start panicking and obviously stop being ignorant about collagens thinking by just leaving it "au natural" will solve my problem instead. 
A harsh wake up call after noticing my troubled skin (acne & pimples) does take longer than usual to actually heal and no matter what moisturizers i use my skin still does tend to look abit haggard and dry up-close.

Sigh..all these skin problems popping up one by one as i get older, seriously i thought it would be lesser as you grow but somehow mine is reversed :-/
So when i was proposed to try out this C.Jelly Collagen Jelly bar from SkinSoul, my first reaction was obviously "do i really need this?"
After noticing that my skin condition isn't getting any better i've decided to go on a 2 weeks C.Jello experiment to see how effective this product is as most reviews i've read on blogs shows how this powerful collagen managed to make people with matured skin look more radiant and slightly younger makes me doubt it seriously XD
Like i said, i'm the kind who is not easily fooled by random hypes and reviews as sometimes photos can be doctored and make up also plays a very important role in deceiving one's looks in pictures (also beauty filter lol)


My 2 weeks Journey consuming this jello was indeed a very interesting one, in terms of results it clearly obvious. To make it more raw i've decided to go bare face and turn off every beauty filter on my camera making sure what you see are purely 100% real.
So please bear with my badly pimpled skin and scars ya >.<

C.Jello's main ingredient is obviously the fish like where most collagen products derived their collagen from. So for those who don't like taking fish oils like me because of the gross fishy smell, you can consider taking this as an alternative :)
The truth is i was actually reluctant to consume this when i heard it has fish collagen extract in it and in my mind it was gonna taste and smell fishy (eww) but surprisingly it taste and smell more like melon than fish XD
It's sweetness level is low, so if you are diabetic or anything this is safe to consume as the sugar level in each sachet is lesser than an apple and it's sweetness is derived from natural ingredients like Melon, peach and mulberry.
According to C.Jello's researches it has proven to have 18 age fighting benefits which i will list below:-
  1. Aids in digestion (but you will need alot of water for this)
  2. Lessen dark spots
  3. Brightens skin (Looks less duller, especially if you are constantly tired looking)
  4. Binds moisture and enhances skin's hydration level
  5. Boosts Immune system (not sure about this lol)
  6. Boost energy production (Agreed! Having this for breakfast lasts me till lunch) 
  7. Delays ageing process (duh! It's collagen)
  8. Excellent skin whitening 
  9. Inhibits melanin production
  10. Low in calories (about 26.5 calories each sachet)
  11. Promotes skin youthfulness and firmness
  12. Promotes healthier joints and ligaments
  13. Promotes healthier hair and stronger nails 
  14. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  15. Rich in peptides and antioxidants
  16. Reduce calcium loss (caused by aging)
  17.  Stimulates collagen synthesis
  18. Overall health improvement
Nah! I type so long so please read ya, if not i'll be super sad my efforts put into typing this will be put to waste lol.
Overall after reading all these so called "18 benefits" that i've extracted from their pamphlet, it all draws done to one conclusion. They should just market this as an "ELIXIR OF YOUTH" lololol. Like Yzma's potion from the movie "Kronk's New Groove" XD  

Since i've only consumed this for 2 weeks i can only vouched for the skin anti-aging part but not for the other statements especially on the ligaments, hair and nails part lol. Seriously this jelly can actually do such miracle? I myself who force myself daily to take in milk because of my brittle nails but that doesn't seem to be working at all and till today it still breaks everytime i scratch myself or accidently hit something.

Top is BEFORE, bottom is AFTER 2 weeks of C.Jello.
Scars gotten lighter but more fresh pimples pop out as usual. Grrrrrrrr!

Skin is noticeably supple and a shade fairer.
No beauty filters or make up used ya!

My skin did clear up, looking less duller and in fact i feel that i look much younger *perasan* too lol.
This photo is taken before and after the whole experiment, pimples still do come and go well at least the scars has started to fade before newer pimples start popping up.
If only this jello can prevent pimples from growing, confirm everyone also would want a piece of this haha!

Even after 2 weeks on C.Jello consumption my nails are still the same and my hair is still dead like dried weed (not ganja, but grass lol).
Maybe it does show on long term consumption la but that's for someone else to find out because this is too pricey for me to continue unless skinsoul sponsors me as their ambassador XD *joking*

As for the aid in digestion, it does help but only if you consumed a decent amount of water. Without water even this C.Jello can't help your body to remove the toxins (aka shit) from your body and as a result will contribute to your skin problems.

Why is consuming this C.Jello more effective than those powder & liquid collagens out there?

It's because the molecular weight of this jelly is lesser than the average collagens out there making it easy to be absorbed by the body. Molecular weights play an important role in body absorption as higher ones like 200,000-300,000 Da cannot be absorbed by the cells nor properly utilized by the body making it rather useless.  
C.Jello has a molecular weight of 500-3000Da therefore making it a highly absorbable substance.

Is it Halal?
It's certified Halal, more details about this you can visit their consultant in (Pavilion or Mid Valley)

Can Pregnant women consume this too?
Yes, it is safe and it has all the essentials and health benefits both for mother and child, if you are not convinced please do consult your doctor first k? :)

Can i get fat consuming this?
No you can't. 
It has an average of 26.5 calories per sachet and even if you Overdose (recommended 2 sachets a day) nothing will happen lol. Just that it's too expensive to do so la XD

How much water must i drink upon consuming C.Jello?
Average of 300ml-500ml on top of our average minimum 3Litre requirement. This also helps in aiding your digestion ensuring a smooth bowel movement.

What is the price and how many in each tin?
RM298 and 15 sachets in each tin (1 week consumption for day & night)

Where can i buy C.Jello Collagen Jelly Bar?
Available at:-
  • Skinsoul Parkson Pavilion
  • Skin Soul Mid Valley
  • AEON wellness Pharmacies
  • Sasa
  • Multicare Pharmacy
  • Health lane Pharmacy
  • And other leading pharmacies
More details visit: www.c-jello.com 

Was even recently complimented that i look extra younger now especially with my recent Fuu cosplay during Animangaki *ohoho~* 
Oba-san delaying aging process :P



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