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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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SuperDry VIP Day

How many of you actually know the origins of Superdry? 
Majority would assume this brand is from Japan because of it's designs and styling but what if i were to tell you that this actually originates from UK. Yes a British brand lol, mind blown yet? :P
I too found out not too long ago back in college during one of my assignments on foreign branded brands. Seriously without this assignment i wouldn't even know half of the brands out there and it's origins too since most brands we see in malls we usually assume it's place of origins by it's name lol.
Hey, even Korean bakeries have french names, like the one in Bukit Bintang, Tous Les Jours.

You would ask me, "What is there to shop in Superdry aside from tees & jeans?"  since most people would assume this brand just carries those 2 items for their clothing range, nothing fancy but wait till you actually walk in Superdry to try'em out for yourselves to see why it's so special compared to your normal T-shirts and jeans.

That's was my idea too about this brand, like everyone else till i saw my friend Zlwin (International magician) who recently travelling Europe for his Magic Tour "Magic Without Borders" with his swag Superdry clothes, i too couldn't resist dropping by Superdry store in pavilion to browse through. It was seriously a "TAKE MY MONEHHHHHH" moment lol but sadly it was mid month and gaji belum masuk :P
Had a mata rambang* moment with their bags especially because the designs and colours is totally me! 

Bag or sports bra? Both also are things i need XD

Can imagine myself using it everyday as it is spacious & sturdy, but my only concern was the comfort of the strap la, because i tend to put alot of stuff in my bag (typical paranoid woman) and usually hurts my shoulder as the weight is one sided.
Nonetheless aside from all those crazy shopper syndrome, i personally had so much fun during the VIP member's day as there was good music by DJ Ramsey Westwood and Kronenbourg 1664 beer to complete this awesome shopping night!
Goodie bags were given to the first 100 shoppers in line and for VIP members there's a 20% off in store for all full priced items. with an additional RM50 OFF for every RM250 spent and RM100 off for RM450!
Worth rushing here all the way from Kepong after my work meeting, you won't believe how far i've walked that day itself and waiting for public transport (Shah Alam ➝ Seksyen 13➝ Damansara ➝ Kepong) felt like i could just die lol.
But i had fun with the shopaholics from Butterfly Project that night, so all those tiredness doesn't matter, thanks mama-san & Superdry Malaysia :)

Sorry Superdry staffs in pavilion! You guys had to hand back so many clothing because of me haha, it's a habit picked up since working as a visual merchandiser for 2 years lolol.
Everytime before i walk in to the fitting room, i'll make sure to coordinate 2-3 full set clothing so you can imagine more than just a few pieces at one go: 
top + bottom + outerwear + accessory (bag) x 3 = 
This is the first time discovering they also have sportswear and great selection of jackets & hoodies for different occasions/ weather.
Check out my co-ordinations! Would totally love to have them all if i could next time but if you like what i wore you can get them at 20% off during their VIP day, only valid for SuperDry member card holders.

Heads up penang, Superdry VIP day is coming to you next!
Mark you calendars and ready your credit cards lol.

If you are currently not a member but would like to join to enjoy the benefits you can sign up at their outlets for only RM30 (1 year) and annual renewal fees would be RM25.
To find out more visit them at Mid Valley (near center court) and Pavilion (4th floor).

Make sure to follow them on their official Facebook page for latest promotions :D
Facebook: Superdry Malaysia
Website: www.superdry.com


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